January 1st, 2017

Unfinished Mail – January 2017

More Than About Music

Happy New Year!
Both the January & February issues of 2017 began as early as August & September. After the overwhelming response to our February 2016 issue on Women Tour Managers we were hungry to try for bigger issues. This month we present Women In Studio Production. We are already accumulating leads for other large features. I personally view it as part of my mission to shine a light on the music industry as a whole…not just musicians. 
2016 was one of FEMMUSIC’s biggest years. I think we did more than I ever thought possible. I now want to expand my thinking and redefine what can be done. That means aiming bigger. At the same time I don’t want to ignore our core of supporting emerging artists. I live for live shows and want to feed my music addiction as much as possible. I have always defined FEMMUSIC as an international magazine focusing on women in music. The international is more than a word. I seek out artists in different countries and with different experiences. 
It is near Christmas weekend as I write this. My deadline is breathing down my back like a hungry dragon. It is as thrilling as it is scary. Look for more to come. I have Spring planned but Summer is always a wild creature. Keep reading and tell your friends. FEMMUSIC is more than about music. 

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