October 26th, 2021


The first single from the seven-piece collective lands with instant emotional impact and it’s no surprise when discovering the sonic body of work the members have already helped produce.

Having already spent years writing and producing with Australian favourites including Birds Of Tokyo, Middle Kids and Stand Atlantic, and collaborating on creative projects with international powerhouses such as Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, The Struts, Neck Deep and many, more FVNERAL’s debut offering is a strong and confident step forward into a spotlight all their own.

‘GOD DAMN LEDS’ is an expert blend of heartwarming and melancholic indie-folk sounds, and speaks to threads of optimism and hope that can keep us going, even in the hardest of times. The song sets a stunning scene within which FVNERAL’s forthcoming music will continue to thrive.

From the jump, listeners can be soothed by the vocal dynamics of vocalists Tim Blunt and Ally Turner. Their voices provide the beating heart of a song like ‘God Damn LEDs’, which at its core, is about finding safety and relief in the help of someone else.

“‘GOD DAMN LEDs” is speaking directly to someone who makes you feel seen, heard and important enough to stay alive. It describes the moment when you finally begin to lower your guard; letting this person take the emotional driver’s seat when you feel like it’s not safe for you to drive.

It’s as desperate-making as it is cathartic to realise that someone else has taken the responsibility for your own wellbeing onto their shoulders. While it is an incredibly unfair and ultimately unsustainable expectation to put on someone, there is still something beautiful about feeling safe enough to let it happen, even if only for a fleeting moment.”


The song itself was written in studios and bedrooms between Sydney and Los Angeles, before being mixed by Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, Cry Club) and mastered by Darren Ziesing (RÜFÜS DU SOL, Flume).

The video, a short film directed by FVNERAL member Jay Wennington, features actors Lauren Clark and Isla Wilson as a mother and daughter navigating heartbreak and grief. Focusing on the emotion of the track translates beautifully to the visuals, available below.

“The video begins just after sunrise as they leave the place they parked their van to sleep for the night. Just as the first chorus hits, they catch a glimpse of the ocean through the windshield where they first play on the beach before scattering someone’s ashes on the headland, presumably that of the mother’s partner and the daughter’s father.

We wanted this video to convey the warmth that comes with having such pure adoration for others, and the closeness that can be found in the darkest of moments.“



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August 19th, 2021

Today, Middle Kids have shared a new video for “Stacking Chairs,” the surging album highlight which encapsulates the extraordinary intimacy and creativity that gave rise to their brilliant record Today We’re The Greatest, released earlier this year.

“Stacking Chairs” reveals a band at full-flight, imbued with mellotron and great peels of electric guitar – it’s one of the most immediate songs on an album full of astonishing hooks and textures. Directed by collaborator W.A.M. Bleakly, the video mixes offbeat humor with a stylized but literal interpretation of the song’s lyrics.

Starting in mid-September, Middle Kids will depart Australia for their first performances in North America in two years. The month-long nationwide run kicks off in Camden, CT, wraps up in Nashville, TN and includes four recently added dates in Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego and Dallas. Middle Kids (who have been locked down in Sydney for the last 6 weeks) will be the first Australia-based band to tour the USA since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 The band have announced support for the tour, sharing the stage with Joe P (Hamden, Boston, NYC, Washington, Pittsburgh), Mattiel (Toronto, Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis), Deep Sea Diver (San Fran, San Diego, LA and Pioneertown) and Ginger Root (Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville).

For more information and tickets visit https://www.middlekidsmusic.com/

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March 29th, 2021

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February 12th, 2021

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January 14th, 2021

Australian trio Middle Kids are back with the single “Questions.” It is the first single off their sophomore album Today We’re The Greatest due out March 19 on Domino. Middle Kids are Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz and Harry Day.

As Joy explains, “Questions” is about the fallacies of intimate relationships; “I used to drink a lot and most of my previous relationships revolved around this. I don’t think I ever really knew them or they me as a result. “Questions” is about people being around each other but not being close. People who are in intimate relationships can stop asking questions of each other because they are uncomfortable and confusing.”

Today We’re the Greatest was produced and recorded in Los Angeles with Lars Stalfors. About the new record, she said: “I want to make music that loves its listener. Music that makes people feel seen, seen in the tiny little places that hide away in their hearts. I want people to hear our music, and feel a sense of love. And when I say love, it can be challenging, intense and tough. But it’s in the guts.”

Today We’re The Greatest Track-list

  1. Bad Neighbours
  2. Cellophane (Brain)
  3. R U 4 Me?
  4. Questions
  5. Lost in Los Angeles
  6. Golden Star
  7. Summer Hill
  8. Some People Stay In Our Hearts Forever
  9. Run With You
  10. I Don’t Care
  11. Stacking Chairs
  12. Today We’re The Greatest


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June 19th, 2019

Local Natives and Middle Kids at the Ogden Theatre

Denver, CO

June 17, 2019

Photos by Will Elmore



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April 25th, 2018

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February 18th, 2018

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January 29th, 2017

Video of the Month –  February 2017

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