May 26th, 2020

Colorado is our hometown and we’ve been receiving some videos in the past couple of weeks that we wanted to show.

Danya River has two albums out. It has been a while since we’ve heard from her. She presents “Together We’re Safe” to remind people how connected they are in these uncertain times.


Sound of Ceres is a Ft Collins band led by Karen & Ryan Hover. Their sound mixes dream, psych, and electronica.


Alex Reid and Mariah George make up this country folk duo from Denver. “Westword” is the 2nd single from their upcoming EP End of the Rope


Ramakhandra is an acid psych band led by the mesmerizing vocals and harp of Annastezhaa.


Emilie Brandt at one time called Boulder home. She has strong followings in NY, CA, and WI. Her debut album Freeform came out in 2018.  “Feel It All” is a playful pop song compared to her older electropop style.

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