August 24th, 2021

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September 24th, 2020

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June 1st, 2019

Unfinished Mail – June 2019

It’s June and my calendar is a mess. There are 3-4 festivals to look at, a couple of individual shows and tons of artists. My eyes are heavy and my body hurts from another long night. I wish I could tell you how many shows I’ve been to since starting FEMMUSIC. It numbers in the thousands. Ironically this is the first year I’m actively tracking which shows I attend for my own tally. At the end of May, I’m in the low 60’s which means I’m behind from where I normally am. 
When I go to shows I love talking to the audience and meeting new people. I was recently at a show where I met a superfan. He was spending his vacation following a band through 10 days worth of gigs. He’d already established himself with the band, their openers, and the crew. He was having fun. When I talk with photographers and other FEMMUSIC people what we seek is MAGIC. A show that exceeds your expectations by leaps and bounds. Describing that magic is tough. Oftentimes it is the band’s interaction with the audience, the energy of the performance, and some unknown. I will often laugh when a band says “This is the best audience on the tour”, “This city is better than all the others we’ve been through.” A MAGIC night stands out. An average night is not “the best night of the tour.” It’s said as boilerplate language. Instead of trying to compliment the audience, play a stronger show. 
It is summer and shows are now sold out. My calendar hit December this month. That is the furthest show I’m eyeing. By the end of June I will be well into 2020. New recording continue to amaze me. In my opinion this is a good year for music. 
It’s sunny. It’s warm and there is music playing somewhere. Go out and see it or go out and make it. 
Alex Teitz

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July 31st, 2017

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