May 13th, 2021

LVXURI is the new project of Sera Timms of Black Mare, Ides Of Gemini, Black Math Horseman and it sounds a bit different than what you might expect. Up until now, Timms’ body of work has been dark, heavy, existential and atmospheric. Her new project, LVXURI is fronted by a glamorous, buxom, cigar smoking chanteuse called Aurora Dawn. LVXURI reveals a new body, which will house a new and different canon of work which she calls her “Solar Temple.” Aurora Dawn is an amalgamation of an idealized feminine identity, the wandering fortune teller, and the alien erotic dancer seeking to please her mate, the sun, her audience beloved, and herself, as servant of Love.

“The song Aurora Dawn is basically Aurora Dawn’s “coming out” party.  It’s the announcement of the Dawn of a new era, in which polarities are eclipsed by the union of opposites. She is also he, victim is also voyeur, the prostitute is also the patriarch. She has arrived on Earth to marry Heaven and Hell…or perhaps Heaven and Vegas. Why not let the angels pole dance? Isn’t this what we humans actually want…to feel both sacred and sensual?

When I wrote the lyrics I did not plan on leaving LA, but certain circumstances brought about my departure in October of 2020. I decided to to drive East with my 2 white cats Tom and Alice, and was inspired to stay in Vegas on the way and shoot a LVXURI video. I realized it needed to be for “Aurora Dawn” as the lyrics mention “re-routing” due to LA’s infamous sun drenched traffic jams, and the direction I was headed, East, is the direction the sun rises to bring the Dawn. What better place than Sin City for Aurora Dawn to drop in and introduce herself?’

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