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August 17th, 2016

Lion Babe and Jilly.FM with YaSi at Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO – August 16, 2016

Photos by Charles Powell with YaSi at Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO – August 16, 2016 Photos by Charles Powell

Lion Babe at Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO – August 16, 2016 Photos by Charles Powell

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August 16th, 2016
Lion Babe
By Alex Teitz
Lion Babe is Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman. The pair came together in 2011 and have been shooting like a rocket ever since. The pair released their full length album Beginearlier this year featuring production input from Pharrell Williams, among others. They were signed to Interscope Records in 2013 and have released an EP and other digital material.
Lion Babe is a powerhouse of beats and soul. Hervey’s vocals touch the heavens. Goodman’s beats and production are more Motown than pure electronica. FEMMUSIC was able to interview Jillian Hervey via e-mail. For info visit
Lion Babe is at the Fox Theatre in Boulder tonight, August 16, 2016. Doors are at 8 & show is at 8:30. For tix and info visit
FEMMUSIC: Can you describe your songwriting technique?
JH: Our techniques vary, but it usually starts with the music first. It could be a sample loop, chord progression or just a vibe and then from there we will record a vocal freestyle and then listen back and pull out moments that stand out, whether it is themes, melodies, or just an ad lib. From there we start figuring out the structure and will fill in whatever is missing.
FEMMUSIC: What was the biggest challenge making Begin?
JH: Begin was our biggest learning experience to date. We went into making that record with a label with just one song under our belts so that alone was a challenge. There are a lot of opinions and a lot of songs that were in debate so the biggest challenge was balancing our growth and experiences while also remaining true to what brought us there in the first place.
FEMMUSIC: For Begin, you wrote and produced the entire album with few exceptions. What benefits do you see in doing it yourselves and were there any drawbacks?
JH: Lion Babe is what happens when Lucas and myself come together, so the benefit of having the majority of the records done by us means that it was our album. Our authenticity remained and we we’re able to show our span of sound.
The main drawback or reality of it means that it was a lot more work for us. We would of loved to do more collaborations but a lot of factors play into those opportunities and you have to pick your battles.
FEMMUSIC: Are there any producers you would like to work with in the future? Why?
JH: We listen to a lot of music on soundcloud, and theres lots of talented producers + beatmakers thatd be cool to get in like Knxwledge and Sango. Also fans of Malay who does a lot with Frank Ocean. Its always cool to collaborate with other producers/writers just because its always a learning experience and you can get something special.
FEMMUSIC:  You’re doing a headlining tour now. If you could, whom would you most like to tour with or collaborate with?
JH: We are loving tour and our support Kamau who has great music and vibes but it would be fun to tour with Tame Impala. We are huge fans and think everyone would feel on another planet after all the grooves.
FEMMUSIC:  Jillian, As a woman in the music industry, have you been discriminated against?
JH: There hasn’t been blatant discrimination, but there are conversations I get left out of, or assumptions made about me based on that fact that I am a woman. It’s annoying but the only thing I can do to solve it is speak up, assert myself and continue to prove people wrong.
FEMMUSIC: What one thing would you like to change about the music industry?
JH: It would be nice to have more diversity in sound on major radio stations. The music is shoved down your throat and even if you like it, you get sick of it quicker. It would be cool to have more opportunities for people to really discover new music in more interesting ways.
FEMMUSIC: What advice would you give to an artist just starting out?
JH: Have a dream, even if it’s unclear and you can’t see it hold on to that feeling you want to create because as soon as you start there will be a ton of distractions from that feeling and that is your life boat.
FEMMUSIC: What are your career goals in the next 5 years? What would you like to accomplish next?
JH: We want to continue to travel, tour and make more music. Have opportunities to get LION BABE out to the world on a larger platform and to inspire people to follow their own paths and embrace their uniqueness.

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