November 23rd, 2018
Lea Luna, Queen Beats and Ginger Perry at Larimer Lounge
Denver, CO 
November 18, 2018
Lea Luna
By Justine Johnson
FEMMUSIC: Do you think there is any positive light of promoting an all female event?
LL: I did want. I tried. I feel like for Valentine’s Day, we (women) are pretty and feminine, there’s some sort of Aphrodite… Something going on, I just tried to do it the right way. Show love for women by women; that was right after the #metoo movement, and Valentine’s with messages I was trying to be supportive.
FEMMUSIC:  How do you feel about women that capitalize on being a sexual object?
LL: When we live in a culture that continues to buy into that and we live in a booking structure where image is still a huge thing… Where you win, or don’t win. There are always going to be people that say, “Alright, well I can do the sexy thing”…And it’s a ballsy thing to do. A lot of people will say it’s career suicide… Some people say it’s a fast track to the top.. I’m here to say we should change the narrative entirely. Stop picking it a part in that way, and say this woman is a sexy woman, who DJ’s! Not this sex branded DJ.
FEMMUSIC: I’m talking more about women who aren’t in it for the music. Like prerecorded sets, totally back there to be another model.
LL: See, That’s another thing I’m going to put right back on culture. Honestly, if it’s even possible for someone who doesn’t care about music to get gigs, we need to look at what is selling, and pull that apart instead. It’s not a great intention for someone to want to be a DJ and they don’t truly care. But consistently bringing up this idea that being talented, and being sexy are mutually exclusive traits in women is a healthy conversation. And I’m going to stick to that. 

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November 16th, 2018
Larimer Lounge

Denver, Colorado

Sunday, November 18, 2018
As Lea Luna greets Denver, Colorado with her presence again, we are eager to see what she unleashes at her upcoming event at the Larimer Lounge, November 18, 2018. Luna has been an admit member of the EDM music scene since 2009, and gained a steady following. She has previously performed at venues like The Marque, Vegas, Beta Nightclub, Denver, and the Avaion, Las Vegas.

Her fierce, “bad-girl” composition is intriguing at best. Working beside Sleeping Giant Music, Lea Luna has intrigued her audience with bass-filled dance music that does just that… Makes you want to dance. A strict, not too be messed with attitude, and a progressive house sound is the lime and coconut duo of a Lea Luna performance.

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