May 1st, 2019

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March 11th, 2019

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October 1st, 2000

L7 - Slap Happy

L7 – Slap Happy (Bong Load Records)

By Jeanne Kalosieh

If there exists a band that truly, sincerely, does not give a f*** about anything, it’s L7. They are the skankiest, toughest bunch you never want to run into. They remind me of what Marilyn Manson’s babysitter would have been like – “Sit down, shut the hell up, your mom’s dead and I killed her, so you best do as I say, sonny boy.” Oh yeah, and their ferocious brand of punk rock and metal can tear your flubber-ass to shreds. And that is why L7 is a good band. Slap-Happy is the latest release from the band that has forced their way into teenagers’ wet dreams and their parents’s nightmares. Band leader Donita Sparks’s voice summons up her inner witch yet again. But the shrieking and screaming from past albums like Hungry For Stink are replaced by slower, drone-laden vocals. A sad thing, really, since Sparks could jump start a small car with her pipes. Actually, Slap-Happy on the whole is a slower, weirder album than expected, but the heavy guitars, bass, and thumping drums still show their greasy faces on tracks like “Crackpot Baby,” “Mantra Down,” and “On My Rockin’ Machine.” Surprise – “Freezer Burn” is a weepy song. So much for thinking they were heartless. Lyrically, L7 has never been shy to shout how they feel, yet are often underestimated when it comes to making intelligent insights and witty one-liners. “We’re livin’ large and we don’t get paid… Got some lemons, make some kickass lemonade.” Oh, to be bad like that lot.

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