March 27th, 2021

Isol-Aid #50 – Year + One

March 28, 2021

Last week was Isol-Aid 1 year anniversary. This week is + 1. The lineup is great including Hallie who recently released “Sydney Hates Me.”

Well be teeing off with YOUNG FRANCO – the coolest kid on the block who has been making a name for himself for a number of years since breaking through as a once-19 year old musician in Brisbane. Since then? He’s been traversing the globe and flying back from Australia to LA to bring magic to the dancefloor. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and the best way to describe his music is “make sure you tune in”.

KIRSTEN SALTY describes her music as “controlled chaos”. The irresistible sounds from this up and comer highlight a powerful voice and class that will differentiate her from the pack. Retro sounds and memorable hooks, we know this performance will be worth more than the price of admission (it’s free!)

 JARROD JEREMIAH will keep our bodies moving with his intricate sounds that embrace pop sensibilities, delectable rhythms and dreamy sounding vocals. Think sparkling synths and slinky sparkling melodies. With his songs already being featured on Australian radio like Unearthed, RTR and Valley FM, this performance will continue the party.

Last on this week’s lineup but most certainly not least is HALLIE – a storyteller and force of heartfelt lyricism whose glorious sounds have us hooked. This future superstar creates commanding music that shines with undeniable charisma and energy. Winning Unearthed in 2019, Hallie has been on the up and up since and this legend is destined for the top.


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