October 1st, 2014

Jane Thatcher Band – Hunter’s Loneliest Fool

   By Alex Teitz

It is hard to put labels on the Jane Thatcher Band. They exhibit a wealth of styles and techniques in very subtle ways. The band is Jane Thatcher on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Andrew Hoyle on drums and percussion, Frank Pryor on bass, Mike Hyland on electric guitar, and Tom Gershwin on trumpet and keyboard. All four men also do vocals. The EP was written and produced by Thatcher. All songs were written and recorded by Tim Gerak except for the live recording of “New Year’s Day” which was recorded by Nick Velharticky and mixed by Shawn Hertel. The mastering was done by Tim Gerak.
Hunter’s Loneliest Fool is a seven song EP that gives a taste of the talent within the Jane Thatcher Band. Almost all of the songs are love songs. They tend to have Thatcher’s distinct repetitive chorus but are filled with arrangements uncommon to the folk/rock form. Thatcher also gives her band a lot of breathing space and they thrive in it. This noticeably stands out with Tom Gershwin’s trumpet solos in “Hunter’s Loneliest Fool”, “Remind Me”, and “Are You Mine?” Thatcher has pleading vocals that make her songs of questions heartfelt confessions. “Are You Mine?” lists all the professions that can’t tell two loves if they are together. “Remind Me” asks for assurance in love. “Yellow Wood” is a statement that time may last longer than a relationship. The strongest songs are “Twister In The Dark” a ballad offering up love in the chaos of life, and “Settle Down” which mixes a 50’s ballad core with almost Mexican percussion.
What labels do you put on the Jane Thatcher Band? Her vocals are reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and Ani DiFranco. Her music is folk rock with jazz arrangements and a deep respect for her fellow musicians. Her songs are filled with heartbreaking lyrics on the search for love that are both questioning and melancholy. What Jane Thatcher could do with a symphony orchestra or a full length album stretches the mind. The best label to put on the Jane Thatcher Band is a masterpiece in progress. Hunter’s Loneliest Fool is a panel of the Sistine Chapel. The full work is yet to come. For info visit www.janethatchermusic.com

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