March 16th, 2021

Isol-Aid #49 – The 1 Year Anniversary

Sunday March 21, 2021

Isol-Aid is an online music festival that raises money directly for artists. It features new artists every week and just hosted an Australian showcase at Folk Alliance Online. For the 1 year anniversary they have an impressive line-up:

JAGUAR JONZE – a Brisbane native who crafts cinematically produced tunes that send your wig..orbital! Smoky vocals that shift from fragile to forceful and ethereal pop sensibilities through subversive filters. What a perfect party starter!!

HOCKEY DAD are a band that has gone from grommets to garage rock royalty, riding the wave of their sound throughout their career as forces to be reckoned with in Sydney’s musical landscape. Windang’s favourite sons at one time charted at #2 on the AUS Aria Album chart and continue to unleash heat for the people! Catch Hockey Dad playing solo this Sunday. Goggles off for this one!

The party continues with wondrous talent and an artist who needs little introduction  – JULIA STONE – one half of Angus & Julia Stone but more recently traded blue skies for red lights and red lips. Reimagined and reinvigorated, this current era for Stone replaces dirt under foot with wet pavements and sticky dancefloors. Step on us Julia, were ready!

Rounding out the party will be ISAIAH FIREBRACE, a former X Factor winner and top 10 Eurovision Australia placeholder, the young star continues to burn very bright. Isaiah has broken streaming records, toured outback Australia, gone Double Platinum and Gold in multiple countries and is now writing songs in Australia and the USA. Accolades are one thing but the true shining truth of this young artist is the integrity, talent and self actualisation of a young man achieving the future of his dreams into a reality. The perfect closer to our 1st birthday.

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February 24th, 2021

Isol-Aid # 46

Sunday February 28, 2021

Put those phones on charge ISOL-AID is back for another round (the 46th to be exact) and is heading straight to your screens this Sunday February 28. Packed full of musical goodness sure to fill you up before taking on the week ahead we’re serving up everything from a crowd favourite Brissie punk band to the dulcet tones of a medical student by day, TikTok phenom by night, truly something for everyone!

Getting the night started is RICKY ROSEN, a 21 year old student working through a medical degree who just happens to have over half a million TikTok followers. In between classes Ricky has been quietly devoting his free time to working on his music and with Zoom University being the go to this past year he also found time to create a number of viral TikTok videos, kickstarting his music career. With the backing of his new found fans Ricky released his first single ‘Dim the Lights’ in December where he got to show off his hypnotic crooning skills.

JAGUAR JONZE crafts songs of melancholic beauty woven with gun slinging guitar lines and a strikingly rich, yet intimate voice. Born in Japan to a Taiwanese mother and Australian father, Jaguar Jonze is as eclectic as her cultural upbringing oozing influences by the likes of Portishead, The Last Shadow Puppets, Nick Cave and Angel Olsen. An enigmatic yet vulnerable songwriter, Jaguar Jonze delivers defiant ferocity through smoky vocals that shift between fragile and forceful and a mature musicality that provides sweetness through dissonance.

Read FEMMUSIC’s interview with Jaguar Jonze at:

DZ DEATHRAYS are a band that started out playing house parties, and have ended up as one of the most recognisable and loved rock acts in modern Australian music. It’s not everyday that a band gets stronger and more popular with time, but that’s exactly what’s happened over the 10 years they’ve been thrashing out songs.The band has released three records, won two ARIA Awards, toured the world countless times, supported The Foo Fighters on stadium tours, they’ve even collaborated with a Wiggle, and now they’re set to stream live to your phone for ISOL-AID this Sunday.

Ending the night is TAKA PERRY the Australian-Japanese producer/songwriter making waves in the global music scene. With past collaborations including Ruel, Max Frost, GoldLink and Denzel Curry, Taka has made a name for himself just barely out of high school. In June 2020, he produced an official remix for the ARIA-platinum certified single Painkiller by Ruel featuring Denzel Curry and Pilerats dubbed him as “one of Australia’s most exciting [songwriters]”. His creative contributions have amassed over 130 million plays proving he’s one of the most exciting up and com





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November 13th, 2020

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December 3rd, 2019

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September 3rd, 2019

Space Girls Promo Poster

If you have not heard the name Jaguar Jonze you are in for a surprise. Jaguar Jonze is Deena Lynch. She is a multi-talented artist working in both visual media and music. She comes from a unique background of being born in Japan to a Taiwanese mother and Australian father. She has grown up immersed in new cultures. That upbringing is reflected in her recent single “Beijing Baby”

It was recently announced that Jonze had signed to Nettwerk Music Group and will be releasing an EP. For more info on all of Lynch’s projects visit & &

Jaguar Jonze will be headlining at Space Girls an all women contemporary music festival. Space Girls will be holding a Satellite Party on September 13 at Gympie Civic Center in Queensland, Australia. For info visit
FEMMUSIC: You’re releasing “Beijing Baby” soon. What can you tell me about the song and its creation?

DL: Beijing Baby definitely tested me and nearly broke my character. They always talk about 2nd singles being a painful curse and Beijing Baby definitely lived up to that curse. I think I recorded it from scratch about 6 times and faced a lot of obstacles with it but am so glad I pushed through as I put every bit of my soul into it.

FEMMUSIC: Can you describe your songwriting technique?

DL: There’s never a set songwriting technique I use. I think that’s the beauty of it is that I get to play and create in many different ways. I usually tend to come in with a loose concept and work from there – sometimes melody first, sometimes lyrics first, sometimes both exactly at the same time.

FEMMUSIC: You work with visual art. How much visualization goes into making your music?

DL: A lot. I really am a visual person so sometimes I’ll write a song and go on a day dreaming bender of what the music video will look like, the artwork, the outfits etc. I think my favourite part of ‘music’ is that it really isn’t just music at all.

FEMMUSIC: Tell me about Dusky Jonze. I was at the website and am intrigued.

DL: Dusky Jonze is a project I just started in March this year where I wanted to shoot male photographers and flip the lens back onto them to push the conversations on toxic masculinity and what femininity means to them. It soon quickly evolved into a project of masculinity, femininity, taboos and insecurities around the body for everyone who’s been game to be push those envelopes.

FEMMUSIC: Last year you presented at the Australian Music Festival a program titled “The Musicians Guide to Surviving the Rock Star Lifestyle.” I was unable to attend. What do you think are the biggest dangers to the rock star lifestyle? What are the best survival skills?

DL: It is definitely so easy to over look self care – mentally and physically. Even just eating right and sleeping enough can easily become difficult. I think prioritising your body’s basic needs and listening to it is honestly the best survival skill.

FEMMUSIC: Congratulations! I see you signed to Nettwerk Music Group. What made you decide to sign with them?

DL: I can’t do anything without passion and so I’m super sensitive about bringing people in. Nettwerk, from the first day of my debut single release, have been so passionate about who I am as an artist and what I do and pushed so eagerly that I knew it was the right decision.

FEMMUSIC: You’re doing an EP with Nettwerk. What can you tell me about it?

DL: It’s actually a body of work I’ve been sitting on for years and slowly been refining as I was discovering my soundscape and artistry. I can’t wait to let them have a place in the world.

FEMMUSIC: What song (not your own) has had the biggest influence on you and why?

DL: “Roads” by Portishead

It is honestly such a beautiful piece of music that I’ve come back to for many years and brings about whatever emotion is fitting for that moment in my life… grief, gratitude, compassion, sadness, happiness, contentedness, nostalgia, reflection haha.

FEMMUSIC: What challenges, if any, have you faced as a woman in the music industry? And how did you overcome them?

DL: That’s a hard one to answer because it’s still such a delicate environment to be able to be vocal about it as much as I am an advocate for mental health, injustices and taboos. I’ve had a tough year with exactly this that I’m still coming to terms with personally and intimately so I’ll leave my answers with sexism, underestimation, misuse of power and being taken advantage of. I still am overcoming them but having a strong, trusted and healthy support network has been absolute key.

FEMMUSIC: Whom would you most like to collaborate with, or tour with? Why?

DL: Alex Turner, he just knows who he is as an artist so well and I’d love to know what making music with him is like.

FEMMUSIC: What one thing would you like to change about the music industry?

DL: Talking about the truth. Everyone likes to hide their struggles and push the glitz and glamour to the forefront when it’s a thin veil over what is actually happening. I feel like we could support one another in this difficult creative endeavour better by being upfront with honesty and openness.

Jaguar Jonze - Deena Lynch

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