June 23rd, 2021

Alewya returns with her latest single “Jagna,” out today on Because London Records. The track follows her explosive 2020 debut “Sweating,” and is coupled with a new video directed by Alewya and Tom Ringsby.

“Firstly, ‘Jagna’ will never be able to be articulated in words. But I’ll try,” notes Alewya. “‘Jagna’ is polarity. ‘Jagna’ is release, ‘Jagna’ is my soul, ‘Jagna’ is my rage, ‘Jagna’ is my lesson, my desperation, frustration, my surrender, my vulnerability, my acceptance and my existence on this planet.” In addition to releasing the single, Alewya shared the stunning video that sees the artist frantically running through the desert and was filmed at the famed desert-esque beach of Dungeness in the UK.

The translation of Alewya’s name from Arabic means ‘most high’ or ‘the highest’ so it’s fitting that her music centres around the idea of transcendence. After spending four years in New York, she returned to west London where she was raised. Alewya, of Egyptian and Ethiopia descent, grew up nestled in a community rich with diaspora from around the globe. It was here she received a nourishing musical education that can be heard throughout her music.


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