April 28th, 2021

Isol Aid #54

Sunday May 2, 2021


Kicking off ISOL-AID 54 is KUČKA who is serving up autobiographical stories of love and growth supported by the melding together of RnB, jazz, new age and electro influences. Having collaborated with everyone from A$AP ROCKY and Kendrick Lamar, to Flume and SOPHIE, she has cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with and this new introspective turn proves that more than ever.


Get ready to fall in sync with MEMPHIS LK who is fusing her early pop, soul and RnB influences with a love of underground dance music. Paired with her intimate vocals and powerful lyricism Memphis LK has established an irresistible sound that’s sure to get you up and dancing.


RUNNING TOUCH is up next moulding heavy rock experimentalism with fragments of electronica and pop. As a founding member of Ocean Grove and a silent member of Adult Art Club, Running Touch is a chance to stretch beyond limits creating entire multi-sensory universes that provide a chance to flex his songwriting and producing and space to create art that sounds unlike anything else.


ODETTE has spent the last few years wracking up a list of achievements, charting at #1 on the Apple Music Charts, a couple of ARIA noms, and over 55 million streams – no big deal! Now we’re treated to an intimate performance of her latest album Herald, a true coming-of-age exploration. With her own brand of experimental pop Odette delves into the theatrical, expansive and overly dramatic with her poetic prowess on full display just for us.


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April 22nd, 2021

Isol-Aid #53

Sunday April 25, 2021


HATCHIE starts the night off with a hypnotic mix of soaring vocals and hazy guitar tones, weaving together layers of woozy rhythms. The Brisbane based musician is truly the dream pop idol of tomorrow, expertly creating heartfelt ear-worms that will stay with you for weeks and crafting live shows that’ll keep you glued to your screen.


Up next is PRICIE who is most definitely one to watch. A singer, songwriter and rapper – PRICIE’S got it all, and with the release of her first ever single, ‘too dang good,’ earlier this year, everyone else knows it too. PRICIE’s ISOL-AID set comes right off the back of four nights supporting Genesis Owusu at the Corner Hotel so you know she’s gonna be at the top of her game.


Crafting captivating songs from his Aunt’s spare room, FERGUS JAMES has taken local audiences by storm, (and racked up a whole handful of most played songs on Triple J). Jumping in head first, Fergus played his first show supporting Ed Sheeran and has since gone on to support Meg Mac and open the main stage at Splendour in the Grass – which means no one is more primed to bring a blistering ISOL-AID set this Sunday.


Ending the night on a high is BTS approved CHYMES. With ethereal vocals and hypnotic beats, Chymes infuses her playful pop music with intricate and in-depth concepts giving space to her voice in the most dreamy way possible.


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April 15th, 2021

Isol-Aid #52


Sunday April 18, 2021

Forget the regular Sunday sports, it’s time for music.

Kicking it off will be CHARLEY – a Perth based soulful powerhouse whose dynamic vocal range and timbre haunt and allure all at the same time. Intensely authentic and powerful, this journey begins through Charley’s eyes for us.


Up next is KAIA KINGSLEY, an indie R&B artist born and raised in Melbourne, Australia who is redefining the world of modern music. Having grown up with music from an early age, her love and inspiration from music stems from genres all over, combining sounds of authentic soul like vibe, with touches of electronic and contemporary music. After recently performing at diverse events such as the NBL/WNBL finals and various festivals, it is clear that she is about to take the music world by storm.


LARISSA LAMBERT started in Ballarat – ironically a town that found gold. Larissa is on a journey of a similar nature – a golden voice that is leading to stardom. American artist Jeremih caught wind of her talent and she joined his tour in 2019 which lead to a growing profile and a cover of Weak by SWV of hers going viral. Stay tuned for this artist to hit the sky.


Last but not least this week is CAP CARTER — Philippines-born, Western Sydney-based musician whose empowering songwriting is bound to blow up 2021. Cap’s style is R&B soul with an edge and grit that is unique and refreshing.


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April 7th, 2021

Isol-Aid #51

April 11, 2021


After taking Easter weekend off, Isol-Aid is back with 4 new artists.

Kicking off this week’s lineup is WAFIA – a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who magnifies identifiable and idiosyncratic experiences in the form of alternative pop anthems. Wafia was Netherlands born but bases herself in Australia. She is an Iraqi-Syrian queer songwriter who’s keen sense of observation and sharp pen allows her to catalog the world in real time. The uncanny valley of inspiration. She has clocked over 300 million cumulative streams and her praises have been sung by both audiences and media outlets like The Fader and Refinery29. Wafia is willing to take risks and makes music you’ll treasure like an unforgettable memory.


If you are a TikTok fan like us you’ve probably seen the next artist KEENAN TE pop up – Keenan has quickly become a social media sensation with over 877,000 followers regularly tuning in to his ‘Tok to hear him sing. After finding a love for singing early in his life, this young gun has been performing around Melbourne since the age of 15. You may have seen Keenan pop up on Australian television and his talents have been recognised by celebrities and industry heavyweights who have described him as a “definite star of the future”. Pop, R&B and a side of youth – lets get it!


Next up is the newest shining star in the musical sky, CARLA WEHBE – a singer/songwriter whose creative energy extends beyond her musical musings and into every interesting outlet- a skateboarder who rides horses? We’re listening. Carla’s musical output takes on an edgy 80s nostalgia – purple pop vocals matched with vintage synth bass sounds and gated snares. But this isn’t an artist LARPing in the dayglo era of the 80s, Carla finds inspo from genres of music all the way back from the 50s through to now by mixing live instruments with more electronic sounds in a wholly fresh manner.


To round out this simply stunning lineup this week we have Brisbane raised and Sweden-based HAZLETT, a dreamy storyteller whose priority is emotion – stubborn, simple, romantic? He’s a fan of it all. Self described as Kings Of Leon on valium or Bon Iver without a falsetto, Hazlett manages to take masterful songwriting and bring it to life without remaining bound by genre. Hazlett has a voice for the ages – sandpaper dipped in honey and ready to beam down your screen.


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March 27th, 2021

Isol-Aid #50 – Year + One

March 28, 2021


Last week was Isol-Aid 1 year anniversary. This week is + 1. The lineup is great including Hallie who recently released “Sydney Hates Me.”


Well be teeing off with YOUNG FRANCO – the coolest kid on the block who has been making a name for himself for a number of years since breaking through as a once-19 year old musician in Brisbane. Since then? He’s been traversing the globe and flying back from Australia to LA to bring magic to the dancefloor. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and the best way to describe his music is “make sure you tune in”.


KIRSTEN SALTY describes her music as “controlled chaos”. The irresistible sounds from this up and comer highlight a powerful voice and class that will differentiate her from the pack. Retro sounds and memorable hooks, we know this performance will be worth more than the price of admission (it’s free!)


 JARROD JEREMIAH will keep our bodies moving with his intricate sounds that embrace pop sensibilities, delectable rhythms and dreamy sounding vocals. Think sparkling synths and slinky sparkling melodies. With his songs already being featured on Australian radio like Unearthed, RTR and Valley FM, this performance will continue the party.


Last on this week’s lineup but most certainly not least is HALLIE – a storyteller and force of heartfelt lyricism whose glorious sounds have us hooked. This future superstar creates commanding music that shines with undeniable charisma and energy. Winning Unearthed in 2019, Hallie has been on the up and up since and this legend is destined for the top.



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March 16th, 2021

Isol-Aid #49 – The 1 Year Anniversary

Sunday March 21, 2021


Isol-Aid is an online music festival that raises money directly for artists. It features new artists every week and just hosted an Australian showcase at Folk Alliance Online. For the 1 year anniversary they have an impressive line-up:

JAGUAR JONZE – a Brisbane native who crafts cinematically produced tunes that send your wig..orbital! Smoky vocals that shift from fragile to forceful and ethereal pop sensibilities through subversive filters. What a perfect party starter!!


HOCKEY DAD are a band that has gone from grommets to garage rock royalty, riding the wave of their sound throughout their career as forces to be reckoned with in Sydney’s musical landscape. Windang’s favourite sons at one time charted at #2 on the AUS Aria Album chart and continue to unleash heat for the people! Catch Hockey Dad playing solo this Sunday. Goggles off for this one!


The party continues with wondrous talent and an artist who needs little introduction  – JULIA STONE – one half of Angus & Julia Stone but more recently traded blue skies for red lights and red lips. Reimagined and reinvigorated, this current era for Stone replaces dirt under foot with wet pavements and sticky dancefloors. Step on us Julia, were ready!


Rounding out the party will be ISAIAH FIREBRACE, a former X Factor winner and top 10 Eurovision Australia placeholder, the young star continues to burn very bright. Isaiah has broken streaming records, toured outback Australia, gone Double Platinum and Gold in multiple countries and is now writing songs in Australia and the USA. Accolades are one thing but the true shining truth of this young artist is the integrity, talent and self actualisation of a young man achieving the future of his dreams into a reality. The perfect closer to our 1st birthday.


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March 10th, 2021

Isol-Aid #48 – There’s Music in the Heir

Sunday March 14, 2021


Kicking it off with a very exciting new force, HOODZY crafts unapologetic raps with a strong fisted ferocity. A young queer woman chasing the dream and knowing exactly what she’s doing along the way. Already tearing up the airways including strong play on Triple J Unearthed, we can’t wait to have Hoodzy unleashed onto our screens.


If you haven’t heard CLOWNS (acoustic) yet well perhaps you’re…just that. Hailing from the Bayside burbs of Melbourne, Clowns have built a reputation for fun hardcore full to the brim of energy and punk sounds. Speedy, trashy – the perfect wake up on your Sunday from these bloody nutters! This Sunday in acoustic form no less… go off!


LARA D is a vocal powerhouse and at 17, Lara is a sparkling example and influence for her younger peers. A healthy mix of RnB & pop feed her sound that she describes as the ultimate expression – a gateway into her story. Designed to make you happy and full of infectious truth – this young artist’s level-headed and positive approach makes us feel like you can do anything, and you can!


Rounding out the week will be POLISH CLUB (solo) who claim to be the sweatiest band in Sydney. They write fast songs that take cues from Motown and the garage rock scuzz of Detroit in the same breath. Raucous and rollin, a dynamite end to the week. Catch Novak from the band, this Sunday, closing out Isol-Aid #48.



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March 5th, 2021

Isol- Aid # 47

Sunday March 7, 2021


Hitting your screens once again ISOL-AID is back for round 47. Just because we’re in autumn now doesn’t mean we’re not turning up the heat this week with a blazing lineup. Packed full with all your fave up and coming R&B stars this week’s a scorcher, so slap on some sunscreen and turn the volume all the way up this is gonna be a fun one!

 Soon to be Eurovision darling MONTAIGNE starts the night off for us all. Having played shows opening for everyone from Cyndi Lauper to Blondie she clearly knows her way around a stage, mesmerising audiences as she goes with lyrics reminiscent of the philosopher who inspired her moniker. With melodies to get lost in, and the most energetic of live performances Montaigne represents the next generation of artists who march to the beat of their own drum.


Canberra native AVNEESHA. brings together a sweet mix of electro pop and R&B to create captivating melodies. Rising up the TikTok ranks in the last year Avneesha. is no stranger to playing to an audience having already gained one million followers. Her latest release ‘Too Many Feels’ is out March 4 just in time for her Isol-Aid debut.


Rising Australian R&B prodigy EMALIA plays next, showcasing her craft for creating slick, infectious melodies that ooze confidence well beyond her years. With nods to the glittering era of early 2000s R&B Emalia charts a thought provoking journey of lust and empowerment backed by bass heavy pop beats.


KYE’s modern take on neo-soul is fuelled by her formidable songwriting, effortless vocal and vast network of collaborators in Melbourne’s increasingly renowned community of creatives in R&B, hip-hop and future soul. Melbourne based, Zimbabwe born, and London raised, KYE has shared the stage with the likes of Sampa The Great, Meg Mac and Jessica Mauboy stirring up captivating performances that will keep you talking about her for years to come.




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February 18th, 2021

Isol-Aid #45 – Circuit Loose

Sunday February 21, 2021


ISOL-AID 45 is back this weekend and like a hug from a friend, a steaming cup of tea, or a well worn North Face jacket, is here to bring you only the best vibes. A cracker of a lineup straight to your screens, perfect for throwing a little dance party or karaoke session at home, or wherever you happen to find yourself on the fine Sunday evening ahead.

Starting the night off is JACK GRAY singing to you with a seemingly effortless intimacy. Releasing his newest single Selfish last Friday it’s clear Jack’s productions show little regard for traditional distinctions between acoustic and electronic elements, combining both into an ambitiously modern blend that feels instantly familiar and boldly adventurous all at once. Capturing all the beautiful highs and messy lows of the journey into adulthood, Jack juxtaposes conflicting emotions, tackling weighty topics with subtle nuance and thoughtful reflection. Having spent the past two weeks playing shows supporting GORDI, Jack’s well and truly ready to bring it this Sunday.


Wandering between the realms of alternative and electronic music, CXLOE’s pop sensibility brings these two genres together to create a sound that’s all her own. A pure musical aesthetic that meets with complex and dark lyrics bringing a true contrast to her artistry. Having developed her musical career from a young age amongst some of Australia’s most coveted songwriters and performers, CXLOE has experience well beyond her years and it shows.


He may live in a small city at the bottom end of Australia and there might be a mountain of songs written in his bedroom that are yet to see the light of day, but here’s the thing about honest songwriting and a voice as enchanting as LOS LEO, it’s only a matter of time before people start falling in love. Take this weekend as your chance to fall for LOS LEO and his sweet vintage tinged pop.


KINDER, the musical project of sisters Briony and Savannah from the small town of Maitland, Australia, wrap up this week’s lineup. Bringing high energy dance tracks that weave sounds of their ghanian heritage with propulsive electro pop, KINDER are a mesmerising act. The duo has toured live alongside the likes of Marshmello, RL Grime, NGHTMRE, Alison Wonderland and PNAU as well as playing slots at Australian festivals like Splendour in the Grass, Groovin The Moo and Spilt Milk.




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January 23rd, 2021

Sunday January 24, 2021 


Isol-Aid is the festival you never knew about. Started in 2020 as a way for artists to still perform and get money during COVID, Isol-Aid has evolved into a worldwide sensation. All money donated goes to the artists, and the artists are not bound to Australia. They come from all over the world in all genres. Now broadcast on TikTok Isol-Aid is the new festival for 2021.  #41 features Suzi from Victoria 


It also features Hayley Mary and her latest single “The Chain”


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