June 4th, 2021

Rising anti-pop star Baby Queen enlists emerging Australian artist MAY-A for new track “American Dream,” out via Island Records/Slowplay.

Speaking about the track, Baby Queen aka South Africa-born Bella Latham reveals, “This song compares a childlike infatuation with the idea of the American dream, which in hindsight is a bit of a fallacy, but there were people that did get to experience it and reach the prosperity they’d heard about. I’m really into manifestation – not in a spiritual way, just in a very practical sense. I think if you put all your energy into something by talking about it all the time or thinking about it, the course of your life will naturally bend towards that thing. This song is me manifesting my dream to be with a certain person. It’s essentially a song about a childlike crush you are cheeky enough to plan out inside your own head.”

While MAY-A adds, “This song is super fun to be a part of. Bella and I were talking online for a bit about music. I was a big fan of her song ‘Want Me’, so I feel really psyched that she wanted to bring me on to this track. It’s a fun one to sing!”



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October 23rd, 2020

NY artist Leyla Blue is the daughter of two photographers. She credits the city of New York for awakening her musical talent and becoming a professional songwriter at 16. She was accepted into the Clive Davis Institute of Music at NYU. She has taken a bold and empowering stance on her music talking about mental health, or misogyny.

“It’s a weird conundrum,” the singer admits. “But when I make sense of something myself and own up to it, I feel empowered. I can’t control the chemicals in my brain, but I can understand it and direct it towards something productive. My OCD and eating issues have absolutely what has made me who I am, so I’m just telling my story and hope that inspires others to be open about their own story.”

Her newest single is simple and strong. The guitar and vocals draw in the listener on this acoustic song about inequality and more. Blue is a recent signing to Island Records, and we look forward to more.


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