September 23rd, 2022

Building toward her forthcoming project, Amor Hardcore (October 5th), Isabella Lovestory flaunts her new single “Exibisionista” which sees her exploring the limits of her confidence and desire while commanding attention with sultry vocals and a psych-reggaeton rhythm.

“Exibisionista” was co-produced by Nick León, Kamixlo & Chicken, and arrives with a visualizer directed by Samuel Ibram of Lovestory coated in glitter atop a building in Mexico City.


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August 18th, 2022

Amor Hardcore

Isabella Lovestory announces her new project Amor Hardcore due October 5th. Paired with the announcement, Lovestory unleashes her new single “Sexo Amor Dinero” produced by frequent collaborators Kamixlo and Chicken, and arrives with a video directed by Moshpxt that captures her in her element: a fiery blast of seduction, glitz and glamour from the beaches of Mexico.

Speaking about the feeling she wants the new track to invoke, Lovestory says: “I love being hit by dollar bill stacks, I love hardcore love. This one simply sounds and explains what I think is sexy, which is romance, extreme amounts of money and lots of sex. Sensory overload. As if an alien comes down to earth and experiences the hottest things being a human has to offer (sex, love, money) and gets addicted to them, can’t get enough.”


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July 26th, 2022

Fashion Freak

Pop star Isabella Lovestory shares the new track “Fashion Freak,” today.

Alongside the new song, which is co-produced by Chicken and Nick León (Rosalía, Denzel Curry), are Lovestory’s self-directed visuals portraying her in a white studio, strutting a treadmill runway donning various adventurous looks and browsing fashion magazines to show off her one-of-a-kind style and love of fashion.

To Isabella, the new single serves as the soundtrack to a multitude of flashy moments: “‘Fashion freak’ is for the fashionistas who simply adore looking chic. Creating the melody to ur life’s catwalk. Obsessing over clothes until u end up in the sexiest straight jacket. Making outfits with clothes that nobody else in the world owns. A beautiful tornado of colors and attitude while looking better than anybody else.”



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June 14th, 2022

Isabella Lovestory shares her first offering of 2022, a new song “Cherry Bomb.” The track arrives accompanied by self-directed visuals that pull from Ryū Murakami’s 1992 pink film Tokyo Decadence. Lovestory appears bathed in red light, dancing in a mirrored highrise and parting on a Mexico City rooftop with friends. The track is produced by frequent collaborator Chicken.

In her own words, Isabella describes “Cherry Bomb” as “Shiny bellybutton piercing and shiny red fireworks. Juicy cherries ripping into your lover’s mouth. Carefree, explosive and raunchy. A bitchy and greedy approach to lust. Ecstasy on the Ferris wheel.”


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July 14th, 2021

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December 18th, 2020

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September 11th, 2020

Isabella Lovestory is a Honduran artist who brings reinvents Reggaeton in electro danceable beats. Today she releases “Mariposa.” Her previous singles include “Golosa” and “Kitten Heel”

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May 21st, 2020

Isabella Lovestory released her debut EP Humo in 2019. Her music is reggaeton. Lovestory was born in Honduras and lives in Montral. Her new song is raunchy through a female lens.

Speaking on the video, Isabella says: “I wanted the video for ‘Golosa’ to encapsulate a carefree sexy world. Colorful lips, luscious environments, lollipop licking. In the video you see me seducing the world, walking with heels at the beach, walking into the ocean with the heels on, riding a bike with heels on. Rain with makeup on. Unpractical scenarios that make me look like an airhead always make me feel empowered and fantastical. I like to laugh at the world. Petting the cat in the makeup room is a personal popstar fantasy.”

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