January 8th, 2021

Moon Rise City is Lauren Tracy and Indy Laville. They met in Vietnam. Tracy is from South Africa and Laville is from France. Together they make a jazz born sound that is addictive. Today they release “Crawling Slowly.”

Lauren remembers the challenging experience that caused the original songwriting. “It was a tumultuous time and I struggled between the pull of my head and my heart,” she says. The single started off as a love song, but transformed into a powerful breakaway song.

Moon Rise City will be releasing a new song every six weeks leading up to their debut EP Relics of a Bygone in June.


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October 30th, 2020

“Goodbye has been written after a breakup. I woke up one day and I finally saw clearly what was happening. I’ve been in a blur since so many days, and then I realized I wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t in love anymore, and I really felt the urge to move on. That’s the day I was waiting for since the beginning of the breakup. I needed to put this into a song, it was my day one in the movie ‘500 days of summer’.”

Her debut album is out next year . https://www.instagram.com/sillyboybluemusic/

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