July 17th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 




Creative Consultant – GRID Series


Bookkeeper – Boulder County Arts Alliance – Boulder, CO


Marketing Director – Boulder Ballet – Boulder, CO


School Director – Boulder Baller – Boulder, CO


Development Director – Boulder Ballet – Boulder, CO


Orchestra Manager – Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra – Boulder, CO


Operations Manager – Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance – Boulder, CO


Director of Education Programming – Frequent Flyer Aerial Dance – Boulder, CO



WIMN: Audition For Holly Knight – Los Angeles, CA –  Deadline August 31, 2021


National Park Photography – Seeking Photos of All National Parks – Boulder, CO


Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) Leadership Arts & Scholarship – August 13, 2021



Women of the World (WOW) Online Classes  – UK


Athena Project – Read & Rant – July 19, 2021 – 6:30-8:30pm MST


Canadian Music Week: Songwriting Partnerships That Make the Hits – July 20, 2021         


Folk Alliance – Crowdfunding: Writing the Next Chapter – July 22, 2021 – 2pm CT


Music Biz Live – Article 17: What’s Done & What’s Next – July 22, 2021 – 12-1:30pm ET


Music Policy Forum Lab: The Lewis Prize – July 23, 2021 – 2-3:30pm ET


Folk Alliance – Collaborative Problem Solving in the Live Touring Ecology – July 27, 2021 – 5pm CT


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May 27th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 



The Village Fund (FAI) – Deadline June 7, 2021


Alberta Music –  Individual Micro Grant – Deadline August 31, 2021


Alberta Music –  Music Business Innovation Grant – Deadline August 31, 2021



TEDxMileHigh Marketing Consultant – May 28, 2021 Deadline


Milestone Publicity Seeking Senior Publicist – Nashville, TN


Global Head of Account Management – NY, NY


VP of Operations – London, UK


VP Sales – North America – NY, NY


Managing Editor – London, Berlin, NY


Marketing & Digital Manager – Brighton, UK


Director of Digital – London, UK


Senior Director – Creative Synch – NY or LA


Marketing Executive – Middlesex, UK


D2C Manager, Marketing & Operations – London, UK


Bookkepper – London, UK


Freelance Production Coordinator – London, UK


Director of Narrative & Creative Communications – NY or LA


Label Manager – Los Angeles, CA


Music Production Instructor – Los Angeles, CA


Licensing & Business Administration Coordinator – New York


Director, Digital & Streaming – London, UK


South Arts  Jobs Board


Brag Media – Sales & Partnership Manager – Melbourne, AU


Brag Media – Back End Developer – Sydney, AU


Manager, Commercial Strategy – Australia


Media & Editorial Coordinator – Sydney, AU


Finance Assistant – Melbourne, AU


Artist Management – Melbourne, AU



Denver Arts & Venues’ Cultural Advisory Board Seeks Candidates – Deadline June 9, 2021


South Arts Requests for Proposals: Program Contractor


South Arts Requests for Proposals: Public Relations Firm


Submissions for 37th Annual NAMM TEC Awards – Deadline June 18, 2021


Association of Artists Managers (AAM) Co-Pilot Program 2021 – Australia – June 21, 2021



Music Policy Forum Live – May 28, 2021 – 2pm EST


New Music USA Presents: Using Bandcamp’s Tools for Artists and Labels – June 8, 2021 – 4pm EST


Americans for the Arts 2021 Annual Convention June 18-21, 2021


Cleveland Recording Summit – June 18-19, 2021


Women’s Audio Mission Classes


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May 1st, 2021


May 18-21, 2021


Chakranegra – Chile – Carla Stuardo & Sebastin Mancilla make up Chakranegra, a highly experiemental synth project. https://www.instagram.com/chakranegra/

I.M. Yoni – Mexico – I.M YONI is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who got united to address gender equality throughout art. The collective was formed by a musical group that produces original songs in Spanish and English within the genres Funk, R&B, Dance, Pop amongst others. https://m.facebook.com/imyonimusic/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0

Lydmor – Denmark – Lydmor is Jenny Rossander. Lydmor is a Danish electronic songwriter, musician and multi-artist unlike any other. Her unique skillset creates an output where everything is possible. Every work of Lydmor’s is its own, developed with an intense artistic drive. Lydmor is also a feminist, a fighter for women’s rights and for equality in the music industry. She stands up to sexism and tries to redefine the general mindset that sexually objectifies female artists – e.g., by taking part in the public debate on feminism and through her weekly show on National Radio (DR). She recently released her 4th album Capacity. https://www.lydmor.dk/

Possimiste – Iceland – Leeni Laasfeld launched her career in 2011 with the song “The Flight of Lulu.” A decade later this artist will release her debut album Youniverse. https://www.possimiste.com/

Sopio T – Tsblisi, Georgia – Sopio Toroshelidze music has a grand quality influenced by her education in both music theory and as a choir conductor. She runs a school for music and choreography. Her latest project is Sopio T will the singles “Metamorphosis” and “Insomnia.” https://www.instagram.com/sopio_t/

Sutari – Warsaw, Poland – Sutari is a 3 piece all women folk band.  They have played WOMEX and KEXP and have 3 albums out including their latest River Sisters. https://www.facebook.com/sutarisutari

Technoir – Milan, Italy –  TECHNOIR explored darker electronica with their sophomore album Never Trust The Algorithm. This duo mixes soul, EDM and alternative is a beautiful blend. https://www.facebook.com/technoirofficial

The Heart Collectors – NSW, Australia – The Heart Collectors recently played the Isol-Aid Unlocked Showcase for Folk Alliance International. They have played SXSW. This 4 piece band mixes Celtic music with Fletwood Mac to make a unique Americana music. https://theheartcollectors.com/

 Vero – Chile – Veronica Quezada and Sebastian Mancilla plays folk pop with Ukelele. They are working on a new LP Cartografia and and an EP of boleros called Otrxs Canciones, where she expresses, in an intimate and critic way, how it is to live in the 21st century as part of the LGBTIQ+ and feminist community. https://www.facebook.com/verocomomiro

Voice of Baceprot – Voice of Baceprot is a 3 piece hard rock act from Indonesia. It is an all women act. In 2018 they released “School Revolution.” They are working on new music now. https://twitter.com/baceprotvoices


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February 24th, 2021

ISOL-AID Unlocked

February 23-26, 2021


ISOL-AID FESTIVAL and SOUNDS AUSTRALIA are teaming up to present ISOL-AID UNLOCKED, a four-day live music extravaganza featuring 49 Australian artists, as part of Folk Unlocked, the very first digital conference and showcase festival from Folk Alliance International.

Established in 1989, Folk Alliance International (FAI) is the world’s largest gathering of the folk music industry and community. The event became renowned by fans and musicians alike for its unique set up: taking over a hotel in cities around North America, where each room was turned into a showcase room. Nights are spent traversing the hallways, following your ears to the best sounds, and discovering some incredible talent from around the world along the way.

 In place of an in-person conference this year, FAI is hosting Folk Unlocked, a five-day virtual event for the entire international folk community to come together for panels, workshops, showcases, affinity and peer group meetings, exhibit spaces, networking, and mentorship.

 An essential part of every FAI conference is the after-hours Private Showcase scene, a festive, community-built offering of hundreds of mini-concerts presented simultaneously. This year, FAI will recreate this (albeit virtually) through the festival’s evening Unlocked Showcases, providing a meeting place for folk musicians, industry and fans to connect, discover new music and build community.

Isol-Aid Unlocked will feature as one of these showcases. 49 Australian artists are set to perform live across the four days of Folk Unlocked, from the 22nd to the 25th of February. Isol-Aid Unlocked will start at 6.30pm CT (23rd – 26th 11:30am AEDT), with no less than 12 Australian artists taking audiences into their homes each day.

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to experience Isol-Aid Unlocked via the artists’ Instagram accounts, the Isol-Aid website, or through registering to be a part of Folk Unlocked.

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February 18th, 2021

Folk Alliance International (FAI) – Folk Unlocked Virtual Conference

February 22-26, 2021


Folk Alliance has been an annual tradition known for bringing songwriters together. This year it is online with panels, performances and more…and open to more than just the industry. Panels are worldwide from New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and more. The spotlight showcases are another thing



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