May 1st, 2014

Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds – Fight

By Alex Teitz

Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds is a large blues funk band. The band consists of Arleigh Kincheloe on vocals, Jackson Kincheloe on harmonica, Bram Kincheloe on drums, Sasha Brown on guitar, Josh Myers on bass, Phil Rodriguez on trumpet, Ryan Snow on trombone and Brian Graham on Saxophones. The EP is produced by Randy Jackson and all the arrangements are original.

Fight is blues funk done grand with style. “The Long Way” is the lead single and is filled with high energy. It has a call and repeat and horns dominate throughout. “Fight” is a gospel love song ballad. Kincheloe’s vocals soar in this slower piece. “Boogie Man” is a classic blues piece giving the entire band long solos in the bridge. It has low steam vs the fire of “The Long Way.” “Crawdaddies” is a march party song.

There are many things that make up Fight. The EP has powerful passionate vocals. It has a brass section that dominates. Jackson Kincheloe’s harmonicas sneak in the last two songs and give them a heightened flavor. Sister Sparrow is a cohesive unit. They are filled with energy and spirit that makes it hard not to want to dance. It would be easy to compare Sister Sparrow to the greats of blues funk like Earth, Wind and Fire and Sly and The Family Stone but Sister Sparrow stands alone. They’ve chiseled a niche that is their own and a bright fire burns there. For more info visit

Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds – Fight

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