September 1st, 2022
Upcoming New Releases
The Womack Sisters – Legacy – #thewomacksister
Gigi Rowe – Laura – #hellogigirowe
Nikki Lane – Denim & Diamonds -#nikkilane77
The Company Stores – Family Album – #thecompanystores_

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December 2nd, 2020

In January Ices is releasing her album Family Album on her label Natural Music. Today she releases the third single “Earthly.” This follows “Young On the Mountain” and “Hymn.” Family Album’s producer JR White recently passed away.

Lia says, “experiencing JR’s creative genius so intimately is a gift I will always cherish and I’m so grateful my songs were touched by his magic. This album means something different to me now that the person I made it with is gone —  it is a symbolic reminder that music is eternal, he lives forever in this album.”

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September 23rd, 2020

Lia Ices is releasing her new album Family Album in January. This is her first new full-length album since Ices in 2014. The album is being released on Ices’ label Natural Music.

“I wrote ‘Young On The Mountain’ to crystallize the feelings I had right after we moved to Moon Mountain in Sonoma — I had a sense of freedom I’d never felt before, like I could really create my own reality and a way of life that I hadn’t even dreamt of yet.  Living amongst towering oaks and fruit trees, reading the California naturalist poets, being so close to the birds and sky.  The mountain changed me and my songwriting, and reinforced the notion that the more real life gets, the more mystical it feels.”

“Young on the Mountain” is the second single from Family Album. The first was “Hymn.” Both has an Americana meets dreampop feel.

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