January 1st, 2015

Ex Cops – Daggers

   By Alex Teitz

                Ex Cops sophomore album is a pop dance explosion. Every song is filled with hooks that catch the ear and don’t let go. Hidden behind the danceable music are complex lyrics that make this a songwriter’s dream.
                Ex Cops is the duo of Amalie Bruun & Brian Harding. The album was produced by Billy Corgan and Justin Raisen. The album features Ariel Pink and L.P.
                Daggers is 11 diverse tracks. “Black Soap” & “White Noise” open the album. Both are dance pop songs including “White Noise” which is ironically about wanting to be alone and quiet. “Daggers” & “Burnt Out Love” are powerful ballads. “Daggers” has a sublime drum bridge while “Burnt Out Love” has heartbreaking lyrics on the dead feeling when a relationship is done. The two guest tracks are ballads. “Wanna Be featuring L.P.” is a love song about the love that sneaks up on you. “Tragically Alright Featuring Ariel Pink” has a faint 60’s feel in overlapping vocals and keyboard dominance. “Teenagers” and “Pretty Shitty” are dance songs on different subjects. “Teenagers” is about being as wild as a teenager. “Pretty Shitty” is about being treated wrong in a relationship. “Rooms” could practically be a hidden track because it is simply magnificent. It is about growing out of a relationship and alternates between male & female vocals. It is one of the strongest tracks on Daggers.
                It would be a mistake to typecast Ex Cops as synth pop dance band. Most of Daggers could easily be found at a dance club but the real gems are the ballads. The influence of 90’s alternative rock is found in Daggers but it is not confined to it. Hints of the 60s & 70s music eek in. This is neither Smashing Pumpkins nor Chvrches. It is the wild blending of both and much more. Daggers demonstrates the range of Ex Cops as a band. Hearing that range means the boundaries of what is possible in the future are limitless. For info visit http://excopsmusic.com

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