April 1st, 2022


Today, emerging artist EMELINE shares her magnetic new single “cinderella’s dead” — a darkly enchanting anthem that brilliantly subverts the fairy-tale narrative.

“cinderella’s dead is the rejection to my past self,” says EMELINE. “It’s no longer accepting mistreatment and pleasing others at my own expense. It’s coming out of the darkness from a relationship that made me forget my worthiness. It’s the moment where I remember how it felt to love myself and my life before the relationship even happened and meet a newer me.  It’s the killing of old patterns and rejoice in the freedom of what life can be – one that is anything I want it to be, with my days and nights taking me anywhere they may.”



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December 31st, 2021

Song of the Month – January 2022

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November 30th, 2021

Rhode Island-born, L.A.-based singer/songwriter EMELINE premieres the spellbinding video for her recent single “this is how i learn to say no.” Filmed by the ocean, the breathtakingly shot visual serves as a perfect counterpart to the 22-year-old artist’s message of setting boundaries and reclaiming your power.

“This music video shows the many sides to my vulnerability and strength throughout my personal healing and growth,” says EMELINE. “I wanted it to show my pain and liberation by the shore. I love storytelling; and with this video I wanted it to be about connecting the audience with my emotions and allowing my lyrics & performance to be that bridge.”


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