March 16th, 2021

False Memories announces their album The Last Fall of Night due out May 7, 2021 with the single “Voices.”

Of first single ‘Voices’, she says it “is a whirlwind of emotions contained in a single song. It speaks of a soul in pain, constantly tormented by its insecurities, fears, anger, paranoia. It embodies the human soul of many who in these hard times have had to fight against their own demons to move forward, against the thousand voices that hinder their serenity. ‘Voices’ was one of the first songs that Francesco [Savino, guitarist] and I wrote as it was necessary to “visualize” the direction the whole album had to take: the song that best embodies everything we are in terms of musical research and “emotional capacity”, a not negligible detail in a genre like ours.”

Shortly after being signed, frontwoman Rossella said about the album, “We worked hard on the production of this record and it has been very exciting to get positive feedback from people who have heard it. Fate has decided that we had to work with an Italian record company, Frontiers! It is an immense honor for us to join the roster of a label of this prestige and it is a source of great pride to have been chosen. 11 tracks of intense gothic/doom metal! Get ready and see you on the road, hopefully soon!”

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