January 14th, 2022

Fresh off the heels of a successful year finding eee gee charting on Denmark’s DRP3 Radio plus a nomination at the Danish Critical Awards for “Hope of the Year 2022”—similar to the highly coveted Best New Artist award—today she confirms her much anticipated debut album, Winning, is set for release February 25 on Future Classic.

“‘Contraband’ is about having flashes of vivid memories from an ancient time with an ex-lover,” eee gee explains. “These melancholic feelings about an ex come in waves and trick you into believing there might still be an unresolved big love situation there, but deep down you know you just miss that person and cherish the times you had together.”

Emma Grankvist is a singer-songwriter from Denmark. Her debut single “Favourite Lover” received the highly praised ‘pick of the week’ spot on DRP3—Denmark’s largest national radio station, and the song entered the Denmark Spotify Viral charts. “It’s music for the introvert, who is constantly pushed into the uncomfortable extrovert way of how to view the world,” Grankvist describes. 


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November 12th, 2021

Emma Grankvist

Emerging Danish artist eee gee unveils a brand-new song and video, “Bad Person,” telling a story from multiple different perspectives of what it means to be a “bad person.”

“I don’t think anyone is decidedly evil or bad, but sometimes we act in unnecessary mean ways,” describes Emma Grankvist, aka eee gee. “‘Bad Person’ is an anthem for all the ones that have experienced getting manipulated, gaslighted or stepped on.


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