August 31st, 2016

Unfinished Mail

Dream Big
It’s mid August and my mind is partially in September & October. Last week I attended an arts conference. I’m constantly striving to learn more and try to find new sources, contacts, opportunities for the people I work with i.e. you. I try to see if there are creative things being done elsewhere that can be adapted to musicians. I also look at grants and other funding. I’ve considered branching out and making FEMMUSIC a news and funding aggregate but I don’t have the time. Keeping up with events locally can sometimes be hard enough.
At the end of July I was contacted by friends of friends about some Bay area artists visiting Denver. I tried to hook them up locally with other artists so they can gig swap and come up with other ideas to visit this part of the country again.
Last week with the arts conference I heard of a major arts grant. My role is to provide information. If you can use it to your benefit, great! If not, at least you know. This major arts grant involved grants of $10-15, 000. This is not pocket change. It requires community involvement. The competition to it may be visual artists and non-profits. Writing a grant proposal to get that money will be tough. I believe any musician I know could qualify if they are creative enough.
Being an artist is not easy. It requires dedication, concentration, perseverance and long hours with little reward. I think any artist is capable of growing into new areas. I’ve seen it many times. As an artist, as a person we are capable of being more than we are. Getting there requires a lot of hard work. I want to see the people I know and work with become better. The first step is to dream big. The next step is to actively work on getting there. 

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