July 1st, 2017

Unfinished Mail – July 2017

Do You Hear That? 
Do You Hear That? 
It’s the sound of summer insanity. Lorde’s Melodrama hit the charts this week shortly after Katy Perry’s new album broke. Haim has a new album coming out and just announced their new tour. Everywhere you look new albums, new tours, new music is hitting the airwaves at a rate seen every summer. Summer is the bread and butter of the entertainment industry. The summer blockbuster films are as big as the summer music releases. Any artist that can be on the road is. Every tour is filled and we’re already booking the Fall. SXSW is already accepting applications for 2018. 
This month we are previewing festivals worldwide. From Quebec to Sydney to London to Portland there is music everywhere. There is no time to slow down. We’re jumping at gigs to see artists we’ve been hearing about. As I finish up the July issue I’m already feeling the breath of August in my ear. Summer is the time to be out and drinking in the music. No one sits still now. 

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