April 1st, 2002

DJ.ISATOPE – Break Away – April 5, 2002 – Pulsation



     One of Colorado’s finest female DJ’s is back with yet another well produced and selected Breaks mix. It’s hard bass lines, progressions and richly textured music make it one of the best works ISATOPE has yet to promote. Mighty tasty tracks make this one a classic. The vinyl selection mostly consist of funky and groovy tunes, full on random beats and high pass filter whooshes. It is brilliant selection of some of the most inspiring tracks of this caliber to be released.
One won’t find catchy Trance tunes on this one, but an array of well-organized Break Beats that will keep you grooving and smiling away throughout the rest of your day! ISATOPE’s talents lay not only in the production aspect by also in playing live sets. Her recent live performance at ColoradoRave.com’s “Pulsation” on April 5, 2002 proved it. Her amazing and mesmerizing two hour set, blew every one away! The club was bumpin’ the ravers screaming in joy and the “groovemasters” getting down to some of the illest Break Beat tunes spun.
When behind decks, not only does she surround herself by the high-tech equipment and pounds of black wax, but massive quantities of deep positive vibe that eventually projects to the crowd. The music is felt not heard. The long term memory at work, selects and encodes your favorite tracks so on your way back home, you can’t resist repeating it in your head. That’s what makes it special and makes one want to come back for more. Break Away (hence thy name), is recommended for those who seek the “freedom” the “escape” and the “isolation” from what mainstream we are a part of. Put on your headphones, turn up the levels, and Break Away to the superb mixing by ISATOPE.

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