October 23rd, 2019


Denver, CO

October 30- November 10, 2019


The Denver Film Festival is back with films from across the world. There are films Rian Johnson & Terrance Mallick. There is an Italian Showcase and a Focus on National Cinema that looks at Brazil. There are films that fit into DenverFilm’s yearlong ongoing categories of CinemaQ, Women + Film, J’Adore, and CineLatinx. There is a special tribute of films to the late Brit Withey. That is the tip of the iceberg.

After Parkland

Five Movies to See At the 42nd Annual Denver Film Festival

After Parkland – This documentary follows both students and parents after the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31292&FID=105

Marriage Story – The Closing night film has been getting raves at other film festivals. Starring Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansson this film dives headfirst into the emotions of a relationship. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31443&FID=105

Motherless Brooklyn – Edward Norton stars in, and directs this noir about a private detective with Tourette syndrome. It is based upon a Jonathan Lethem novel. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31330&FID=105

The Stolen Caravaggio/ Una storia senza nome – A film within a film that has drama, thrills and comedy. Part of the Italian Showcase https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31296&FID=105

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema – This 14 hour documentary will be shown in 5 parts and focuses on how women have influenced film through the ages. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31272&FID=105

The ConductorFive Movies About Music at the  42nd Annual Denver Film Festival

The Conductor –  This film is based upon the life Antonio Brico, the first woman to conduct a professional symphony orchestra https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31438&FID=105

Amazonia Groove –  This documentary looks at the land and the music in Brazil. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31404&FID=105

Best Before Death –  Bill Drummond is on a long tour. 12 years and his performance has changed from music to something else entirely https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31246&FID=105

DeVotchka: Man with A Movie Camera –  A silent Soviet documentary meets the music of DeVotcha. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31176&FID=105

Music Video Mixtape – Not a film, but a collection of videos both local and international. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31475&FID=105

devotchka-man with a movie camera

Five Things To Do At the 42nd Annual Denver Film Festival That Aren’t Watching Films

Be There to See Who Won – The Awards Ceremonies –  https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31466&FID=105

Creative Conversations –  https://secure.denverfilm.org/festival/film/programdetail.aspx?FID=105&PID=406

Play A Game – Escape from Godothttps://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31173

Show Some Kindnesshttps://denverfilmfestival.denverfilm.org/how-to-fest/contests/kind-video-contest/

Virtual Reality –  https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=31175&FID=105

Women Make Film

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October 25th, 2018


Denver, CO
October 31- November 11, 2018
The Denver Film Festival is 41 and bigger than ever. Film programs include CinemaQ, Women + Film, Focus on National Cinema: Hungary, Italian Showcase, Stain Brakhage Vision Award, Panels on journalism, and Denver’s soon to be art event Meow Wolf (there’s a documentary too). The Festival is filled with events from the Red Carpet to the smallest screen, and virtual reality. Here are some of our picks to see:
Netizens –  A documentary focusing on 3 women whose lives have been changed by online harassment including Anita Sarkeesian and Gamergate https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=30600&FID=102
A Private War –  Rosamund Pike takes on the life and death of Marie Colvin a journalist killed in Syria in 2012. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=30675&FID=102
Rafiki –  This LBGQT film was banned in its native Kenya. A bold look at a lesbian relation based upon the book Jambula Tree https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=30642&FID=102
This Changes Everything – Tom Donahue & Geena Davis (Producer) bring together the biggest names in entertainment including Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Sandra Oh, Tiffany Haddish, Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett, and Reese Witherspoon to talk about gender discrimination and the solutions post #metoo – https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=30616&FID=102
Vox Lux – Looking at the 18-year trials and tribulations of fictional rock star Celeste (Natalie Portman) and featuring music by SIA. This Red Carpet presentation will include director Brady Corbet. https://secure.denverfilm.org/tickets/film.aspx?id=30642&FID=102

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