June 1st, 2014

Kaia Nutting – Come Running Back

   By Alex Teitz

                Kaia Nutting is a young Colorado singer-songwriter. Her EP was produced by Pete Buchwald and Nutting. It features Daren Hahn on drums.,Brian Monroney on electric guitar, Bijoux Barbosa on bass, Karissa Chiaris on accordion, Damon Dupont on violin and Aaron Wolfe on cello.
                Come Running Back is filled with love and wanting. “Without You” starts with a guitar intro and grows into keys and drum beat. “Autumn Song” is a love song couched in a seasonal metaphor. It has a hidden gem of Nutting’s vocals where they switch tempo. “Evermore True” is the lead single. It is an inspirational searching song with background vocals and a guitar bridge. “Come Running Back” is dominated by strings including the accordion, cello and violin. It is another love lost song and is one of the strongest arrangements on the EP. “I Won’t Give Up” is a ballad with gentler vocals and heartbreaking lyrics. “Glass Jar” is a ballad with violin and cello embedded in it. It is about universal love.
                Nutting is a rock, pop singer-songwriter along the lines of Sara Barielles and Ingrid Michealson. Her vocals are honest and true. What makes Nutting different is her songwriting. Her lyrics are woven together that they make a clear and often painful picture. Lyrics like “Never stopped watching me”, “I will always find you there…”, “I can’t help but love you more…”, “What I found kept me close to you…”, etc… The theme of lost and regret fills the EP. Knowing Nutting is a religious songwriter transforms these songs of pain into songs of discovery within. Nutting has a broad power in music. Her songs speak directly to the listener and can be related to the greats of Joan Baez and Carole King. For more information visit www.facebook.com/kaianutting

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