November 30th, 2020

Today Beach Bunny releases the first single from their new EP Blame Game coming out on January 15 on Mom + Pop Music. The single is “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used).”

Beach Bunny’s Lil Trifilio says of the song, “As a veteran of engaging with emotionally unavailable people, I wanted to create a sassy song that calls out players by talking down to them as if they were children, showing that poor communication skills and mind games are immature. It shifts the blame to the person that was acting disrespectful, instead of myself. The song also hammers home the point that I know my worth; I’m not afraid to call out players on their stupid behavior and I’m not going to tolerate being thrown around emotionally.”

Blame Game was recorded over a week in Chicago. The EP contains 4 original songs and was produced by Joe Reinhart. The EP can be ordered at

Lili Trifilio also has a solo project called tiger lili.

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September 14th, 2020

Brye is a 17 year old bedroom pop artist from Chicago. Cavetown is a UK indie artist. Together they have a duet version of Brye’s song “Lemons.”

Cavetown shares, “Hopping on this track with Brye felt like giving my Lemon Boy character a little moment in the spotlight for the first time since releasing my album Lemon Boy in 2018! It was fun to write from his perspective again, and I think it complemented what Brye was portraying in her song.”

“In this revamp of ‘Lemons’ we get a taste of both sides of the story. Working with Cavetown and seeing this song from the perspective of the “sour little boy” was such a fun challenge,” says Brye.

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September 10th, 2020

Miranda Winters is releasing a 7” single called Double Mirror Light on October 2. The b-side is “Little Baby Dead Bird.”

“This song is about life and death; anticipating both and not understanding either. It was written as a plea to two different people who, at the time, existed on either side of our realm. The before life side and the after life side.”

Winters is best known for her work in Melkbelly.

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