April 7th, 2021

Isol-Aid #51

April 11, 2021


After taking Easter weekend off, Isol-Aid is back with 4 new artists.

Kicking off this week’s lineup is WAFIA – a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who magnifies identifiable and idiosyncratic experiences in the form of alternative pop anthems. Wafia was Netherlands born but bases herself in Australia. She is an Iraqi-Syrian queer songwriter who’s keen sense of observation and sharp pen allows her to catalog the world in real time. The uncanny valley of inspiration. She has clocked over 300 million cumulative streams and her praises have been sung by both audiences and media outlets like The Fader and Refinery29. Wafia is willing to take risks and makes music you’ll treasure like an unforgettable memory.


If you are a TikTok fan like us you’ve probably seen the next artist KEENAN TE pop up – Keenan has quickly become a social media sensation with over 877,000 followers regularly tuning in to his ‘Tok to hear him sing. After finding a love for singing early in his life, this young gun has been performing around Melbourne since the age of 15. You may have seen Keenan pop up on Australian television and his talents have been recognised by celebrities and industry heavyweights who have described him as a “definite star of the future”. Pop, R&B and a side of youth – lets get it!


Next up is the newest shining star in the musical sky, CARLA WEHBE – a singer/songwriter whose creative energy extends beyond her musical musings and into every interesting outlet- a skateboarder who rides horses? We’re listening. Carla’s musical output takes on an edgy 80s nostalgia – purple pop vocals matched with vintage synth bass sounds and gated snares. But this isn’t an artist LARPing in the dayglo era of the 80s, Carla finds inspo from genres of music all the way back from the 50s through to now by mixing live instruments with more electronic sounds in a wholly fresh manner.


To round out this simply stunning lineup this week we have Brisbane raised and Sweden-based HAZLETT, a dreamy storyteller whose priority is emotion – stubborn, simple, romantic? He’s a fan of it all. Self described as Kings Of Leon on valium or Bon Iver without a falsetto, Hazlett manages to take masterful songwriting and bring it to life without remaining bound by genre. Hazlett has a voice for the ages – sandpaper dipped in honey and ready to beam down your screen.


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