January 13th, 2022

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 



1/52 Project Grant Early Career Theater Designers



Media Relations Manager (BMI) – New York, NY



SeriesFest Season 8 Deadline – January 27, 2022


Womens Freedom Song Contest – March 1, 2022


International Songwriters Day Song Contest – April 2, 2022



Indie Weekly – Predictions for 2022 – January 18, 2022 – 4pm EST


CMW: 4 Steps Closer to a Pub Deal – January 18, 2022 – 11am PST


Denver Women In Music (Virtual) Summit – January 19-21, 2022


CMW: Breaking Out & Getting Discovered on TikTok – January 25, 2022 – 11am PST


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December 8th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 



Dance/USA Fellowship – December 8, 2021


SPACE on Ryder Farm Residencies – Brewster, NY – January 5, 2022


Aperture Portfolio Prize – January 7, 2022


Western Arts Alliance International Video Showcase Opportunity – USA – January 7, 2022


Rauschenberg Dancer Emergency Grants – January 7, 2022


Skowhegan Artist Residency – January 10, 2022


South Arts: Southern Prize & State Fellowships – January 10, 2022


South Arts: Sustainability Grants for Film & Literary Organizations – January 10, 2022


Good Hart Artist Residency – Good Hart, MI – January 12, 2022


Creative Corps ARP Grant – Colorado –  January 13, 2022


Right of Return USA Fellowship – January 14, 2022


Anderson Center Residency Program – Red Wing, MN – January 15, 2022


Hambidge Residency Program – Rabun Gap, GA – January 15, 2022


The Folger Institute Artist Research Fellowship – Washington, DC – January 18, 2022


Wurlitzer Foundation Artist Residency Program – Taos, NM – January 18, 2022


Wave Farm Artist Residency – Hudson, NY – February 1, 2022


StudioWorks Artist Residency – Eastport, ME – February 1, 2022


MacDowell Fellowship – February 10, 2022


Center for Craft Curatorial Fellowship – February 14, 2022



Audience Growth Coordinator (5280 Magazine) Denver, CO


Publicity and Communications Officer – Canberra Theatre Center – Canberra


Brand Manager – Gold Coast, AU




#WhenWeValueWomen Virtual Launch Event! – December 13, 2021 – 3pm PT


Indie Weekly #49: Indie Week’s Year End Online Holiday Party – December 14, 2021 – 4pm EST


CMW: Fireside Chat with Randy Lennox and Daniel Glass – December 14, 2021 – 11am EST


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August 30th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 



Rhode Island State Council on the Arts: Grants – Closes October 1, 2021





Indie Week: Indie Weekly – Grants for Canadian Musicians 101 – August 31, 2021 – 4pm EST


Boulder County Arts Alliance: Building a Successful Marketing Strategy – August 31, 2021 – 10am MST


Strong Women Alliance: Strong Women In Sports II: The Business of Sports  – Sept 2, 2021 – 12pm PST


Canadian Music Week: The Song Does Not Remain the Same – Sept 7, 2021 – 2pm EST


Music Pro Summit – September 8-11, 2021


Canadian Music Week: EU Copyright Reform: What Can Canada Learn – Sept 14, 2021 – 2pm EST


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August 19th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 



Colorado Arts Relief Fund: Organization & Individual Grants – Opens August 23, 2021


Feminist Review Trust – September 10, 2021


Catapult Film Fund


Film Independent: Project Involve – August 30, 2021


Film Independent: Sloan Distribution Grant


Fiscal Sponsor Directory



Spotify: Global Head of Editorial, Music



Sonic Spotlight Music Showcase – Ft, Collins, CO – August 13-Sepetmber 13, 2021


Folk Alliance International – Artist Scholarship  – October 25, 2021


Folk Alliance International – Industry Scholarship – February 4, 2022



Canadian Music Week: Post-COVID Touring & Traveling – August 26, 2021 – 2pm EST


Immersive Denver Networking & Happy Hour – August 31, 2021 – 4:30-7:30pm


Durango Songwriters Expo – Sept 30-Oct 2, 2021 – Broomfield, CO 


Performing Arts Readiness (PAR)– Risk Assessment for Performing Arts Organizations – Sep 2, 2021 – 3pm EST


PAR: Intro to Emergency Preparedness for Performing Arts Organizations – Sept 7, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Fire Safety & Preparedness for Performing Arts Organizations – Sept 9, 2021 – 2pm


Music Biz: The State of Music Sharing – September 9, 2021 – 2pm EST


Music Biz: A Novel Approach for Streaming Concerts & Ticketing – September 23, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: The Arts Organizations at a Crossroads Toolkit: Managing Transitions and Preserving Assets – Sept 23, 2021 – 2pm EST


Music Biz: Discovery and Promotion in the Age of Metadata – October 7, 2021 – 4pm EST


PAR: Disaster Response for Performing Arts Organizations – Oct 7, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: How to Get Your Audience Back: Marketing Performance Arts During the Pandemic – Oct 13, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Safety and Security for the Performing Arts – Oct 14, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Crisis Communication and Reputation Management for Performing Arts Organizations – Oct 20, 2021 – 2pm EST


Music Biz: Playlists & Beyond: Best Practices for Artists & Their Teams – October 23, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Road to Recovery – Performing Arts During COVID – Oct 26, 2021 – 1:30pm EST


PAR: Fire and Emergency Protection Plan Development – Oct 28, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Protecting Your Assets: Managing Legacy Materials for Performing Arts Organizations – Nov 16, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Business Continuity for Performing Arts Organizations – Nov 18, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Understanding Cybersecurity for Performing Arts Organizations – Dec 1, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Health and Safety in the Performing Arts – Dec 2, 2021 – 2pm EST


PAR: Networking for Disaster Management in the Performing Arts – Dec 7, 2021 – 1pm EST


Music Biz: Transforming Marketing Buzz Into Revenue for Your Artist Brand – December 9, 2021 – 2pm EST



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August 7th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 



BCCA Endowment Grant – Boulder, CO – September 9, 2021


Meetings and Events Incentive – Colorado


CERF & COVID-19 Relief Grant – USA – Opens August 10, 2021



Audience Engagement Editor – Colorado


Community Marketer – Colorado


Audience Development Manager – Denver, CO


Reporter – Denver, CO


Director of Marketing – Denver, CO




Strong Women Alliance: Strong Women in Sports – August 19, 2021 – 12-1pm PST


Canadian Music Week: How to Navigate & Maximize Social Media Platforms – August 20, 2021 – 2pm EST


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July 25th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 




Director of Development – New Music USA


Director of Finance & Administration – New Music USA


Digital Associate – New Music USA


Volunteer Marketing Chair – Denver Startup Week – Denver, CO


E-commerce Marketing Manager – London


Streaming Analytics Coordinator – USA


Marketing Assistant – London


Music Supervisor / Producer – London


Associate Music Supervisor / Production Assistant – London


Label Assistant and Junior PM – London


Head of Curation – London


Composer Assistant – London


Publicity Assistant – Los Angeles, CA


Westword Fellowship – Denver, CO



PRS Power Up – Black Music Creators – UK



Canadian Music Week – How to Create a Memorable Vocal Performance – July 27, 2021 – 2pm EST


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July 17th, 2021

What is the Arts Lead Sheet? It is a resource for finding grants, jobs, opportunities in the arts. It started as an ad-hoc e-mail list a few years. We are now bringing it back as a feature on FEMMUSIC. It is not restricted to music but encompasses all of the arts. Miss something? Look at the archives at: 




Creative Consultant – GRID Series


Bookkeeper – Boulder County Arts Alliance – Boulder, CO


Marketing Director – Boulder Ballet – Boulder, CO


School Director – Boulder Baller – Boulder, CO


Development Director – Boulder Ballet – Boulder, CO


Orchestra Manager – Greater Boulder Youth Orchestra – Boulder, CO


Operations Manager – Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance – Boulder, CO


Director of Education Programming – Frequent Flyer Aerial Dance – Boulder, CO



WIMN: Audition For Holly Knight – Los Angeles, CA –  Deadline August 31, 2021


National Park Photography – Seeking Photos of All National Parks – Boulder, CO


Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) Leadership Arts & Scholarship – August 13, 2021



Women of the World (WOW) Online Classes  – UK


Athena Project – Read & Rant – July 19, 2021 – 6:30-8:30pm MST


Canadian Music Week: Songwriting Partnerships That Make the Hits – July 20, 2021         


Folk Alliance – Crowdfunding: Writing the Next Chapter – July 22, 2021 – 2pm CT


Music Biz Live – Article 17: What’s Done & What’s Next – July 22, 2021 – 12-1:30pm ET


Music Policy Forum Lab: The Lewis Prize – July 23, 2021 – 2-3:30pm ET


Folk Alliance – Collaborative Problem Solving in the Live Touring Ecology – July 27, 2021 – 5pm CT


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May 1st, 2021


May 18-21, 2021


Chakranegra – Chile – Carla Stuardo & Sebastin Mancilla make up Chakranegra, a highly experiemental synth project. https://www.instagram.com/chakranegra/

I.M. Yoni – Mexico – I.M YONI is a group of creative women from different parts of the world, based in Mexico City who got united to address gender equality throughout art. The collective was formed by a musical group that produces original songs in Spanish and English within the genres Funk, R&B, Dance, Pop amongst others. https://m.facebook.com/imyonimusic/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0

Lydmor – Denmark – Lydmor is Jenny Rossander. Lydmor is a Danish electronic songwriter, musician and multi-artist unlike any other. Her unique skillset creates an output where everything is possible. Every work of Lydmor’s is its own, developed with an intense artistic drive. Lydmor is also a feminist, a fighter for women’s rights and for equality in the music industry. She stands up to sexism and tries to redefine the general mindset that sexually objectifies female artists – e.g., by taking part in the public debate on feminism and through her weekly show on National Radio (DR). She recently released her 4th album Capacity. https://www.lydmor.dk/

Possimiste – Iceland – Leeni Laasfeld launched her career in 2011 with the song “The Flight of Lulu.” A decade later this artist will release her debut album Youniverse. https://www.possimiste.com/

Sopio T – Tsblisi, Georgia – Sopio Toroshelidze music has a grand quality influenced by her education in both music theory and as a choir conductor. She runs a school for music and choreography. Her latest project is Sopio T will the singles “Metamorphosis” and “Insomnia.” https://www.instagram.com/sopio_t/

Sutari – Warsaw, Poland – Sutari is a 3 piece all women folk band.  They have played WOMEX and KEXP and have 3 albums out including their latest River Sisters. https://www.facebook.com/sutarisutari

Technoir – Milan, Italy –  TECHNOIR explored darker electronica with their sophomore album Never Trust The Algorithm. This duo mixes soul, EDM and alternative is a beautiful blend. https://www.facebook.com/technoirofficial

The Heart Collectors – NSW, Australia – The Heart Collectors recently played the Isol-Aid Unlocked Showcase for Folk Alliance International. They have played SXSW. This 4 piece band mixes Celtic music with Fletwood Mac to make a unique Americana music. https://theheartcollectors.com/

 Vero – Chile – Veronica Quezada and Sebastian Mancilla plays folk pop with Ukelele. They are working on a new LP Cartografia and and an EP of boleros called Otrxs Canciones, where she expresses, in an intimate and critic way, how it is to live in the 21st century as part of the LGBTIQ+ and feminist community. https://www.facebook.com/verocomomiro

Voice of Baceprot – Voice of Baceprot is a 3 piece hard rock act from Indonesia. It is an all women act. In 2018 they released “School Revolution.” They are working on new music now. https://twitter.com/baceprotvoices


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May 1st, 2021


May 18-21, 2021


Allydice  – Mississauga, Ontario –  This hip-hop group of twin sisters Kayla & Kayle Allydice graduated in 2018 with degrees in Criminology. Their single “White Tears” is a call to action in the age of Black Lives Matter. They are working on their first EP. https://www.instagram.com/allydicetwinz/

Dope Earth Alien – Toronto, Ontario – Kenisha Humber is Dope Earth Alien (DEA). DEA advocates for the representation of Black femininity in its multitudes, especially for the low-key and quirky girls who continue to seek mainstream visibility. DEA sings soulful songs wrapped in storytelling. https://www.instagram.com/dopeearthalien/

Flara K – Montreal, Quebec – This duo released their sophomore EP Anxious, Irrational, Fashionable in 2020. They have soul infused pop with addictive vocals. https://flarak.com/

Nova Rose – Montreal, Quebec – Nova Rose is an indie pop artist who has been releasing singles galore recently including “Need Me”, “G.L.I.T.R.”, and “Cause You Make Me Feel Like.” http://bynovarose.com/

Odreii – Montreal, Quebec – Audrey Laurencelle is Odreii. She has played SXSW and opened for Wyclef Jean. The single from her debut album Sweating Gold is called “Heat.” https://www.odreii.com/

Shawnee –  Edmonton, Alberta – Shawnee Kish is a Canadian Mohawk Two Spirit singer/songwriter. She is driven to help her Indigenous community at the same time affirming her identity. Her songs include “Warrior Heart”, “Mirror Me”, and “Got It Bad.” https://www.instagram.com/shawneekish/

Still Eighteen – Toronto, Ontario –  Still Eighteen includes former Platinum Blonde and Trixie Goes Hollywood frontman, Joey, as the lead vocalist and guitarist, alongside his wife Karen on drums and their daughter Samantha on bass and vocals. Still Eighteen was fortunate to be able to finish their European tour just before the borders closed in March 2020. They performed in Italy, Switzerland, and Austria, headlining at some awesome venues! Since the pandemic, the band has been actively writing and recording new music and also had the exciting opportunity to be actors in a major Hollywood movie, (“Shotgun Wedding”) acting alongside Jennifer Lopez, Josh Duhamel, Lenny Kravitz, Cheech Marin & more! They have released 2 singles based on the pandemic: “I’m Finding It Hard to Believe in Something”, and “Tomorrow.” https://stilleighteen.com/

The Manic Boys and Girls Club – Toronto, Ontario – Siblings Bela and Fernando Ferreira are The Manic Boys and Girls Club (MBG Club). They play indie rock and their EP is layered with lush synthesizers with overdriven guitars. https://www.facebook.com/themanicboysandgirlsclub

Velours – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – velours released her EP Identity last year. She has worked with Ryan Stewart and was nominated for 2 Saskatchwan Music Awards. https://www.veloursartist.com/

Yarro – Toronto, Ontario – Eliza Bronte graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada’s acting program. She has worked in theatre and film. It was songwriting that got her through dark times. Her debut EP Reset came out in March 2020. https://www.instagram.com/_yarro/channel/?hl=en


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April 1st, 2021

Unfinished Mail – April 2021

It’s April. It’s Spring. We’re heading towards 25% of 2021 being done and there are signs of re-opening. SXSW had its first online festival and we’re looking forward to Canadian Music Week doing the same. I’m hearing of national shows coming in October, or earlier where you are. The question is now Festivals. This month we restarted our Festival of the Month area with a big disclaimer: FEMMUSIC is returning to having a Festival of the Month. Currently, we are only listing festivals that are actively selling tickets or are only online. Yesterday I was talking with some photographers and we’re curious to see what rules will exist to shoot live shows when things re-open. Will there be limits on the number of photographers? Will it squeeze out small outfits? There are still many unknowns as we move forward. The good news is we’re moving forward. 
If you know me then you know FEMMUSIC is not my only gig. Since before FEMMUSIC started I’ve been involved in the local scene and a local non-profit called The Colorado Music Business Organization. COMBO for short. During Covid COMBO has taken up a lot more of my time. COMBO works to inform and educate Colorado musicians on the business side of the biz. It has been around for 20 years. In 2020 I rejoined the Board of Directors as Secretary. I also work on helping program general meetings. It is unpaid work that benefits the community. I take great pride in it. Post-Covid the local community will come back and we need organizations like COMBO to figure out what the new normal is. 
Alex Teitz

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March 1st, 2021

Letter From The Editor

I Started the Marathon Out of Breath
Welcome to Women’s History Month. For FEMMUSIC, it is just another month.  February flew by so quickly I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up. Now the marathon begins. SXSW starts in 2 weeks. You will find some SXSW artists featured this month as we work towards our annual preview. Canadian Music Week is not far behind. 
In February  Facebook banned News in Australia. I was reading how “news” included music festivals and other sites. It made me ask the question, “Is FEMMUSIC news?” If Facebook wanted to do the same thing, would FEMMUSIC go? It is a strange twist to see a private company ban a country. Normally it is the other way around. China banned BBC. Trump tried to ban TikTok. Where and when will it stop?
This month should be insane. I’m spending the last days of February trying to catch up because everything moves faster now. 
Alex Teitz

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April 29th, 2019

Canadian Music Week

Toronto, ON

May 6-12, 2019


This year’s Canadian Music Week is overflowing with artists including Azealia Banks, Sunflower Bean, LA Witch and more. Here are 15 artists who should also get your attention:

Akabane Vulgars on Strong Bypass – This Japanese band is more rock than punk with purpose driven lyrics. https://akabane-vulgars.jimdo.com/

Alsndra – This Toronto artists brings female gangster style with an empowering sound. https://soundcloud.com/alsndra6

Art d’Ecco – Art D’Ecco is a glam rock artist whose music is filled with original arrangements. Much more than a sight for the eyes. http://artdeccomusic.ca/

Annie Sama – Annie Sama is a producer who is also involved in music and fashion. The music is bold with hints of a revolution. https://www.anniesama.com/

Bronswick – This pop 2 piece is synthpop with captivating vocals of Catherine Coutu. https://www.facebook.com/bronswick/

Cheap Tobacco – This Polish band is one of the stars to watch in this year’s festival. They have been awarded being Poland’s top Blues band 3 years in a row and have toured internationally. This is Blues of Jack White meets Wolf Alice. http://cheaptobacco.pl/

Denver Haylee – Denver Haylee brings a jazz soul to R & B that hooks you from the first note. https://cmw.net/music/artists/denver-haylee/

Ella Mar – This Israeli artist will be releasing her full length album this year. She has studied jazz and it brings a lyric driven shadow to her music. http://ellamarmusic.com/

Grizzly Coast – Alannah Kavanagh leads this rock band whose recent video “Half Light Boy” is featured this month on FEMMUSIC. https://www.grizzlycoastmusic.com/

Joan Smith and the Jane Does – This rowdy Toronto rock band is the fight waiting to erupt. http://www.thejoansmith.com/

Little Coyote – Teagan Johnston is a Toronto artist who recently did a European tour. Her music is edgy alternative that pricks your ears up. https://www.littlecoyotemusic.com/

Madison Olds – This Canadian singer-songwriter should be on everyone’s radar with songs including “Blue” and “Thank You.” https://www.madisonolds.com/

Man In Motion – This Mexican electronic project has thriving beats with the vocals of Sarmen Almond. http://maninmotionmusic.com/

Sorrey – Emilee Sorrey fronts this shoegaze band from Prince Edward Island. They will be releasing their full length album later this year. https://www.facebook.com/esorrey/

The Greeting Committee – Addie Sartino is the frontwoman to this band who plays exploratory lyrics with soaring beats. http://www.thegcband.com/

Your Girl Pho – Phoebe Gunson is an Australian artist with a large vocal range and the music to fill it. https://www.facebook.com/yourgirlpho/

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May 1st, 2018
Another 15 Artists to See at 36th Annual Canadian Music Week 2018 – May 7-13, 2018 – Toronto, ON – https://cmw.net
CMW Logo
Anemone – Her debut EP came out in April. Montreal based Chloe Soldevila brings in 60’s psychedelia with songs like “Baby Only You & I.” https://www.facebook.com/anemonelovesyou
Annie Hart – Formerly of Au Revoir Simone, Annie Hart has hit it big with her debut album Impossible Accomplicehttp://www.anniehart.nyc/
Anna Mae – Swiss singer-songwriter released Let It Roll in 2016. She is doing a US tour before coming to CMW. http://www.anna-mae.net/
Anthems in Ashes – This Canadian heavy metal act is led by Harley Olivia and released Burn It Down recently. https://anthemsinashes.com/
Cat Clyde – Clyde released her debut album Ivory Castanets last year and has been touring ever since. Clyde is out of Stratford, Ontario. https://www.facebook.com/catclyde/
Crystal Eyes – Erin Jenkins is a dream pop artist who released The Female Imagination last year. https://www.facebook.com/crystaleyestheband
Ellevator – This indie pop 4 piece is led by Nabi Sue Bersche. https://www.ellevatormusic.com/
Helena Deland – Deland released Altogether Unaccompanied Vol I & II earlier this year which delves into losing yourself in a relationship and much more. She begins a UK tour after CMW. http://helenadeland.com/
Hinds – This Spanish 4 piece is touring on their new album I Don’t Run. They are known for wild antics in music and life. http://www.hindsband.com/
Irini Mando – London based urban pop artist has released 2 EP’s Eden and Pink Noise. She has received PRS funding and worked with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. She is a highlight of CMW. https://store.irinimando.com/
Jess Williamson – Williamson’s Cosmic Wink comes out during CMW and marks her departure from Texas to California. Williamson has a magnetic draw to all her music.http://www.jesswilliamson.com/
Letters from Pluto – This Edmonton pop artist released her first EP in 2016. She has had international airplay and has released 3 new songs in 2018.https://lettersfrompluto.com/
Lydia Lunch – Lydia Lunch has been working on a retrospective of her work from 1977 on. She will be at a May 10 showcase. http://www.lydia-lunch.net/
Nussy – Melbourne electropop artist released her first EP in 2014. Her latest single is “Hard As Diamonds.” https://www.facebook.com/nussymusic
Petra Glynt – We’ve written about Petra Glynt before. This Canadian artist is daring in her album Up To The Peoplehttp://www.petraglynt.zone/

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April 30th, 2018
CMW Logo
 May 7-13, 2018 – Toronto, ON – https://cmw.net
Canadian Music Week is a music conference, awards ceremony and concert event. It brings hundreds of artists from all over the world. FEMMUSIC is proud to preview it again.
Alice Glass – Formerly of Crystal Castles, Alice Glass released her self-titled EP last year. She has toured with Marilyn Manson, and will have a headlining US tour before and after CMW. She released “Cease and Desist” for the tour. http://www.alice-glass.com/
ANML Formerly known as Lila Rose, this Canadian born, LA based artist is known for making her sets theatrical events. She released the single “Chemicals” in March. She will be releasing singles from an upcoming EP over the next 6 months. http://anml.us/
Chkbns – Cheek Bones – Russia – This Russian 3 piece has released 3 EP’s and is working on their full length album. They are a dreampop band who have played internationally. https://www.facebook.com/chkbns/
Edan Archer – She released Cruel Mother in 2016 and is releasing a new EP this year. Archer mixes outlaw country with Appalachian folk to make an appealing mix.http://www.edanarcher.com
Excuses Excuses – This Toronto punk rock band is released their first EP in March. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialExcusesExcuses/
FXRRVST – Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes are FXRRST (pronounced “Forrest). This alternative duo has been together since 2015. https://www.fxrrvst.net/
Little Red – This UK artist has been playing since she was 14. She is signed to Seahorse Music and has appeal for people who like everything from Kate Bush to Ellie Goulding. https://www.facebook.com/littleredmusicofficial/
Raincity Blue – This Vancouver 5 piece released Stuck on You in January. They are a R & B band with smooth rhythms. https://www.raincitybluemusic.com/
Singer & Scientist – This US electropop duo is Kenley Shea and Steve Channell. They recently released Electric Heartbreak
The Ocean Cure – These Toronto natives released Daydreamer in 2016. They have a post hardcore edge. https://www.facebook.com/TheOceanCure/

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April 1st, 2017

Canadian Music Week,

Toronto, Ontario – April 18-23, 2017

CMW is Canada’s answer to SXSW. It includes 3000 acts in all styles of music. The vast majority are Canadian. Every year we look to find new recommendations of artists to see.
Ailbe Reddy – This Northern Ireland artist was already on our radar with her EP Hollowed Out Sea. http://www.ailbhereddy.com/
Aniqa  Dear – This band led by Aniqa Qadir & James Attin-Gooden. Their release Neither Here Nor There is filled with enchanting songwriting. https://www.facebook.com/aniqadear
Giungla – Pay attention to this Italian artist. She is on the fast track with her EP Camo. Her style is alternative rock but it is laced with Alanis & PJ Harvey.http://www.giunglamusic.com/
Haviah Mighty – This Toronto rapper has multiple albums out including Bass Loud from 2015. http://haviahmighty.ca/
Hey!dw – This Toronto DJ is making waves with “That’s My DJ!” She makes both house and synthpop. https://www.facebook.com/heydw.x/
I Shot Samo – This Montreal indie rock band is a duo but doesn’t sound like it. Their debut It’s Alright To See Black is a must listen. http://www.ishotsamo.com/
Milkywhale – Milkywhale is a pop artist from Iceland with sublime vocals. Pay attention to her song “Goodbye.” http://www.milkywhale.com/
Leela James – This LA performer was once named “Little Ella” when she first started. It has now been 11 years since her debut album A Change Is Gonna Come first came out. She is now releasing Did It For Love. She has a driven vocal range and is a constant performer. http://www.leelajames.com/
Psychic Twin Strange Diary was released last year. Erin Fein mixes ghostly melodies with synth beats to create an illusionary sound. https://www.facebook.com/PsychicTwin/
The Beaches – The Beaches are a Toronto power pop band of 4 women. They have self-titled EP out. Pay attention to their new song “Give It Up.” Think The Donnas meet The Hinds and you’re getting close to The Beaches. http://www.thebeachesband.com/

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May 1st, 2016
Canadian Music Week
Canadian Music Week – May 2-8, 2016 – Toronto, Canada – http://cmw.net
FEMMUSIC is previewing CMW. This year notable artists including Lights, Lapsley, Sunflower Bean, Tori Kelly, White Lung & Willa will be performing. In addition there is a special tribute to Nelly Furtado. Beyond the big names FEMMUSIC has the following recommendations:


Art Diktator – Turkey – Art Diktator is an electronic synth duo from Istanbul. www.facebook.com/artdiktatorfanpage

Charlotte Cardin – Canada – Dark singer-songwriter this Montreal artist has been making waves with her release Disponable Maintenant. www.facebook.com/charlottecardinofficial

Darkbird – USA – This Austin based band is led by Kelly Barnes. Their EP is I Remember Feeling My Fingers Slip. www.darkbirdband.com

Dilly Dally – Canada – This Toronto 4 piece has a more rock than punk feel & puts on a great live show. They released Sore last year to rave reviews. www.dillydallyband.com

Elle Exxe – United Kingdom – This pop rock artist has already been gaining traction with singles like “Home With You” & “Synthesizing.” www.elleexxe.com

Ella Fence – Australia – This artist has generated a cinematic feel to her music with the release of her EP Wanderlust. www.facebook.com/ellafencemusic

Gosti – Australia – Larissa Agosti is a singer-songwriter who has been playing some other festivals this year. She will be releasing a new EP this year. www.ilovegosti.com

Grown Up Avenger Stuff – USA – This band just released Eclectica. They are a heavy edged rock band. http://grownupavengerstuff.com

Kloe – Scotland – This young popstar has been generating attention. We heard of her late last year and are glad to see her get international live play. Her EP Teenage Craze was just released. www.facebook.com/mynameiskloe

L-I-A-R – France – Lost in an Artificial Reality (LIAR) is the alternative artist Eloine Liar. She has released a a full length album called Fall. http://l-i-a-r.com/

Little Coyote – Canada – Teagan Johnson started drawing attention when she was younger. Now she is releasing her album The Trouble With Teeth. She combines piano and synth to make a low fi sound. www.littlecoyotemusic.com

Menage – Canada –This is a family band with 2 brothers and a sister who grew up with family in Canada & Portugal. They have a high energy set. Their album is The Great American Lie. www.menagetheband.com

Motel Raphael – Canada – This indie pop act is made of Emily Skahan, Clara Legault & Maya Malkin. They released Cable TV in 2015. http://www.facebook.com/MotelRaphael

Pale Lips – Canada – Pale Lips is a pop punk band. They released their EP Got a Sweet Tooth last year. http://www.facebook.com/palelips

Rococode – Canada – Rococode is the indie pop duo of Laura Smith & Andrew Braun. Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon is their latest release. http://rococode.com

Rozes – USA – This Philadelphia singer-songwriter came to prominence in 2014. This year she releases her Burn Wild EP. http://www.rozessounds.com/

Tegan and Sara – Canada – Sisters Tegan and Sara Quin are one of the top acts to watch for CMW. They are releasing their new album Love You To Death. Everyone has been waiting for it. http://teganandsara.com

The Phantom Sound – United Kingdom – The Phantom Sound is an indie rock new wave band led by Marisa Schlussel. They are working on a sophomore full length album with Brian of the Dresden Dolls. http://thephantomsound.com/

West Nile – Canada – Kit Bath & L-DC make up this electro duo. They just released a new cassette S/T. www.facebook.com/WestNile.is.BestNile

Woodes – Australia – Elle Graham is the singer-songwriter & producer Woodes. www.woodesmusic.com

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May 1st, 2015

Festival of the Month – May 2015

canadian Music Week

Canadian Music Week
May 1-10, 2015
Toronto, ON – Canada

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May 1st, 2015

canadian Music Week

After our recent SXSW preview, we decided to look at other festivals. We didn’t need to look long to find Canadian Music Week. This festival shares similarities to SXSW in that it is a music & education festival, a film festival and a media festival. Artists from all over the world come to Toronto for it. www.cmw.net

18th Annual Canadian Radio Music Awards

Kiesza – Fresh off her Sound of a Woman tour, Kiesza is dance rock artist. In some ways her music calls back to Madonna mixing rap and strong music. Her show is dance. Sound of a Woman made it to #14 in the Canadian charts. She is an artist to watch coming up. www.kiesza.com

Dear Rouge – Drew & Danielle McTaggart are the alt rock group. Their latest album is Black to Gold. They’ve opened for Phantogram, and many others. www.dearrouge.com

Andee – Andee is a singer-songwriter from Quebec who began as a finalist is a TV competition. Her debut full length album comes out this year. In the meantime singles are being released. www.andeeofficial.com

Jessica Moskaluke – She is the winner of 2014’s Canadian County Music Association’s Female Artist of the Year with her album, Light Up the Night and is known for “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes.http://jessmoskaluke.com


Alana Yorke– This Halifax artist is known for big sound and thoughtful arrangements using piano. Her debut album Dream Magic came out in January. www.alanayorke.com

Alvvays – Last year this Toronto band went to the top of the US college charts. Led by the Molly Rankin’s captivating vocals, they have made an impact worldwide. Their self-titled album was released last year. http://alvvays.com

Animalia – Jill Krasnicki leads this dark and melodic electronic band. Mouth Full of Teeth is their debut album. www.animalia-music.com

Belladonna – This Italian band is led by Luana Caraffa whose whispering vocals draw the listener in. Shooting Dice with God is their latest full length album from 2013. www.belladonna.tv

Betty & Oswald – This Australian duo is on their King of Bohemia tour. They play pop rock that is too catchy. www.bettyandoswald.com

Chersea – Vancouver based Chelsea Laing is Chersea an indie synth pop artist. Her new EP Grey Matter just came out. www.cherseamusic.com

Daniella Watters – Watters is a Norah Jones of Canada doing R&B, soul, pop with a jazz flavor. She has toured the US & Canada and is working on her first full length release. www.daniellawatters.com

Featurette – Toronto duo is Lexi Jay & Jon Fedorsen. Their music is dream pop with synth. Their EP Smoke is out in 2015. www.featurettemusic.com

For Esme – Toronto based alt pop band is led by the vocals of Martha Meredith. They have a style that recalls 80’s pop. Their full length album Singer is coming out this year. www.foresmemusic.com

Ginger Ale and the Monowhales – Sugary pop with a touch of surf describes this band and their EP Ha! www.themonowhales.com

Go For the Eyes – Calgary independent band leans towards rock blues in their album Fifteen Through Twenty. They are led by the vocals of Jeff Turner and Elise Roller. http://gofortheeyes.com

Isobel Trigger – Nocturnal is this indie band’s EP. They are led by Felicia Harding on vocals and synth. Her vocals have a Tori Amos feel. www.isobeltrigger.com

Jully Black – The Queen of R&B has awards and appearances across the board in music and TV. Her latest album is Made in Canada. http://jullyblack.com

Kiki Rowe – Rowe caught our attention last year. She is actually Keandra Shan Lal from Mississauga, Canada. She released a self titled album and we’re hoping for more soon. She should be a highlight of CMW. www.kikirowe.com

Laura & Greg – This NY duo is Laura O’Neill & Greg Yagolnitzer. They are an acoustic duo with wonderful harmonies in their song “Muscle Memory.” www.facebook.com/lauragregmusic

Lights – This Toronto pop artist is known for wildly addictive songs in all of her releases. Her latest is Little Machines. http://music.iamlights.com

Like A Motorcycle – Michelle Skelding, Kim Carson, Jillian Cameau & KT Lamond make up this punk rock band. They have a vocal style and edge that recalls The Donnas. Their release is due this Fall. www.likeamotorcycle.com

Milk & Bone – This Montreal duo of Camille Poliquin & Laurence Lafond-Beaulne hit the ground running and never stopped. Pay attention to their song “Pressure” in their release Little Mourning. www.milkandbone.mu

Mobina Galore – This alt punk duo is Jenna Priestner and Marcia Hanson. Their 2014 release is Cities Away and they have a fierceness that makes no comparisons. www.mobinagalore.com

Paperwhite – NYC family band of brother & sister Katie & Ben Marshall who mix synth with drums into a sugary dream texture. They have an EP called Magic. www.paperwhitemusic.com

Plaitwrights – This Toronto artistic duo of Xylk Lorena & Angela Abrenica make compelling alt rock as well as fashion. Their 2013 EP cmyk sold out. www.plaitwrights.com

Reenie – Reenie Perkovic leads this indie pop band filled with strings and horns. Their material is easily comfortable in their 2014 release Parallel Place. www.listentoreenie.com

Savvie – Savannah Leigh Wellman leads this superb rock group in its debut album Night Eyes. It is impossible not to be drawn in from the first note. www.savviemusic.com

The Standstills – Johnny Fox and Renee Couture make this heavy alt rock band from Ontario. www.facebook.com/thestandstills

Skye Wallace – This Vancouver artist brings orchestral arrangements to her album Living Parts. www.skyewallace.com

Tear Away Tusa – TAT for short is a 6 piece from Ontario that seems to bridge gospel and ska with their EP Music in The Digital Age. They can draw a slight comparison to Phox but both bands are richer in many different ways. www.tearawaytusa.com

The Deadset – This pop punk duo from Vancouver has the energy and drive found in Vans Warped Tour Band. JT Criminal & Steven Appleyard are the group. Their EP Take Everything is due soon. www.facebook.com/thedeadsetband

The Jessica Stuart Few – Indie Rock Jazz and a Japanese koto don’t go far enough to describe this trio. Their 2013 release Two Sides To Every Story is merely the first step to taking over the music world. www.jessicastuartmusic.com

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