March 1st, 2021

Letter From The Editor

I Started the Marathon Out of Breath
Welcome to Women’s History Month. For FEMMUSIC, it is just another month.  February flew by so quickly I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up. Now the marathon begins. SXSW starts in 2 weeks. You will find some SXSW artists featured this month as we work towards our annual preview. Canadian Music Week is not far behind. 
In February  Facebook banned News in Australia. I was reading how “news” included music festivals and other sites. It made me ask the question, “Is FEMMUSIC news?” If Facebook wanted to do the same thing, would FEMMUSIC go? It is a strange twist to see a private company ban a country. Normally it is the other way around. China banned BBC. Trump tried to ban TikTok. Where and when will it stop?
This month should be insane. I’m spending the last days of February trying to catch up because everything moves faster now. 
Alex Teitz

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February 15th, 2021

“‘Bombs Away’ is about a feeling of surrender, leaning in and letting go,” Dessa says “As a control enthusiast, uncertainty and ambiguity unsettle me. But this past year wasn’t designed to cater to our preferences. I recorded the demo for this one in Minneapolis, in the middle of a very hard 2020.”

Dessa has started a song series called IDES where she releases a new song on the 15th of every month. IDES is the product of collaborations between artists working from their home studios across the country, trading sound files, snapshots, and voice memos.

Dessa recently made headlines for “Who’s Yellen Now?” The song is  a Hamilton-style ode to the U.S.’s first female Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen.

The BBC recently announced that Dessa will host their new series on science and human behavior, Deeply Human. The project is a collaboration between the BBC, American Public Media, and iHeartRadio. It will air on the BBC World Service and be available as a podcast on all major platforms. The first season—12 episodes in total—chases down answers to questions like, “Why do we get Deja Vu?” “Why are we attracted to symmetrical faces?” and “Why do we listen to sad music?”. The show features surprisingly intimate interviews with leading scientists and researchers, presented in Dessa’s funny, writerly style. Available on all platforms March 8th.

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