June 1st, 2021
Upcoming New Releases
Poise – Vestiges – https://www.poisemusic.com/
JOY OLADOKUN –  IN DEFENSE OF MY OWN HAPPINESS – https://www.joyoladokun.com/
The Jungle Giants – Love Signs – https://thejunglegiants.com/
Watchhouse – Watchhouse – https://watchhouseband.com/
Bailey Callahan – The A & B Sides – https://www.baileycallahan.com/

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May 25th, 2021

Bailey Callahan is releasing her album The A & B Sides on June 4, 2021. Today she releases the music video of the single “City Lights.” Produced and directed by Logen Christopher for Storm Light Pictures, the clip was shot on the streets of downtown Nashville with the illusion of being in New York City.

“‘City Lights’ is the deepest song I’ve ever written,” said Bailey. “In the moment of writing it, I didn’t realize how much it matched up to what I was going through until after the fact. It’s not only the deepest song I’ve recorded, but also the most vulnerable. I think admitting you’re not okay is a really strong thing to do. This song was about me being lost and looking for a way to ease my mind/heart.” 

Bailey wrote four of the songs on The A & B Sides solo and partnered with Jared Anderson, Johnny Clawson, Davis Branch and Kyle Sturrock on the remaining five. The album was produced by Robbie Artress (Priscilla Block).


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April 1st, 2021
Upcoming New Releases
The Silk War – Come Evening – http://www.thesilkwar.com/
Allison Russel –  Outside Child – https://allisonrussellmusic.com
Sarah Cicero – Cold Immaculate Opposite –  https://open.spotify.com/artist/05ivODJOj5tqo3rBmzhy98
Bailey Callahan – The A & B Sides –  https://www.baileycallahan.com/
Rachel Baiman – Cycles – http://www.rachelbaiman.com/

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