May 20th, 2021

Fiery alt pop singer/songwriter Royal & the Serpent releases single “phuck u” today and announces her searching for nirvana EP, which will be released next month.

Royal & the Serpent released her last single “i can’t get high” in February, which she played in her set on YUNGBLUD’s ‘The Weird Time of Life’ global digital tour last year. “ICGH” follows “bad kids” ft Yoshi Flower and Royal’s October get a grip EP, which features her viral hit “Overwhelmed.”

In each piece of music she shares with the world, Royal reveals the wild duality at the heart of her artistry and speaks to the incredible power of embracing your true nature, in all its outrageous complexity. A Gemini to the core, she’s passionate but pensive, sensitive but self-possessed, enigmatic but an open book when it comes to exposing what’s inside her mind. “I definitely feel like I’m two people living in one body, where I can just slip at the drop of dime and become a totally different person,” notes Santiago, who equally identifies as a “sweet sunshine angel” (i.e., the Royal persona) and a “freaky devil maniac” (the Serpent).

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March 27th, 2021

Royal and the Serpent (RATS) have released singles “bad kids”, and “Overwhelmed.” RATS released get a grip EP last year.  Now they release the self-directed video for “I can’t get high.” The song is a longing of a past relationship overflowing with anger and emotion. It is visceral and alive in RATS raspy voice.

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