October 12th, 2021

Today, Self Esteem shares the video for her new single “Moody.”

Starring ​​actor, writer and stand-up comedian Alistair Green alongside Self Esteem (Rebecca Lucy Taylor), the duo enact a relationship that’s slowly falling apart. “Moody” is lifted from Self Esteem’s highly anticipated forthcoming second album Prioritise Pleasure, out October 22nd via Avenue A / Fiction Records.

Rebecca says “I’ve always wanted to make a version of Rihanna’s “We Found Love”, but a more realistic representation of a relationship. Music video tropes are so fun and easy to execute and I’ve spent a lifetime trying to avoid them, but I wondered what happens if I just indulge in them.

There is nothing more inevitable and sad as the slow demise of passion and enthusiasm for each other in a relationship. I personally avoid it happening these days, the way you become enemies. It’s age-old heteronormative bullshit. The ‘ball and chain’ jokes. Fuck that. I wanted to play on that idea, highlight how boring and overdone it is”. @selfesteemselfesteem @rebeccalucytaylor

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