February 10th, 2021

Guthrie is Tess Guthrie from Melbourne. Her new single “Queenstown” was produced by Sophie Payten & mixed by Alexander O’Gorman with Isaac Barter mastering.

‘Queenstown’ explores the ideas of escapism, acting on impulse, reality vs fantasy, and above all – the importance of being fulfilled.

 “In the pre-covid times, I was driving to uni one day and feeling pretty trapped. A thought hit me really hard – ‘what’s really keeping me here?’. It felt important and I wanted to see how far that rabbit hole went. A few hours later I was on pretty much the first international flight I could get – to New Zealand.

It was utterly beautiful and helped me question some assumptions about my priorities and the importance of being happy. Of course when I got back my life was the same as I’d left it, and it would take much more work to integrate that sense of freedom into my everyday life.

So for me the song is kind of bitter-sweet and escapist. I think it maps nicely onto the story of a relationship that you wish was working, but it’s not. And deep down you know that the relationship would only work out in a fantasy world, which is nice to visit but you can’t stay there. You have to fly back home and deal with your reality, but doing the work and building a life you don’t have to escape from is totally worth it”


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February 5th, 2021

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January 23rd, 2021

Sunday January 24, 2021 


Isol-Aid is the festival you never knew about. Started in 2020 as a way for artists to still perform and get money during COVID, Isol-Aid has evolved into a worldwide sensation. All money donated goes to the artists, and the artists are not bound to Australia. They come from all over the world in all genres. Now broadcast on TikTok Isol-Aid is the new festival for 2021.  #41 features Suzi from Victoria 


It also features Hayley Mary and her latest single “The Chain”


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November 30th, 2020

Nuria has been shortlisted for the 2020 Australian Songwriters Association Songwriting Contest for music from her debut album Alive. Alive came out on November 27 with the release of the single. It follows “Headlights.” Nuria, meaning “fire of the lord”, speaks of passion, boldness and captures a spirit unhindered by the constraints of growing up. For info visit https://www.instagram.com/nuria_music_/


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November 9th, 2020

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October 15th, 2020

“I wrote this track when I was at a bit of a fork in the road, choosing whether to continue on in one direction, or pivot and create something new. I hope this song can be connected to by anyone who is on the precipice of a big decision” – Ella Fence.

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September 23rd, 2020

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September 17th, 2020

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September 16th, 2020

Sampa the Great released “Time’s Up” last month. She now has a new remix with Junglepussy.

This new version focuses on a music industry that is all too ready to dismiss female rappers, and sees Sampa and Junglepussy asserting the power in their voices and the music they make.

The release also comes with the #TimesUpRemix competition, encouraging Black women and non-binary people across the world to submit their best verse for “Time’s Up.”

“All the Black Queens to the front. This one is for all our Black women!”



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September 13th, 2020

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