October 6th, 2021

Alewya has also announced Panther In Mode, her debut EP due for release on November 18 via Because London Records. The critically-praised London-based artist, illustrator and sculptor has also released her new single “Play,” along with a new video co-directed by Alewya & Jack Bowden. 

“Play” was produced by Busy Twist — who was behind the boards for Alewya’s breakout track “Sweating” — and is a kinetic celebration of freedom. “’Play’ is a song about my love and gratitude for pleasure and play and how it has and can unlock deeper feelings of connections,” notes Alewya. “It’s overtly feminine and innately primal and most of all light and fun!” @alewya11

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July 21st, 2021

Today, London-based artist Alewya has released her new track “Spirit_X”, a mesmerising track indebted to the sounds and communal embrace of the rave. Drawing from the restless rhythms of drum and bass, “Spirit_X” moves at high speed, with Alewya’s vocals echoing the emotions of a heady night. Alongside this news, Alewya is proud to announce that she will be joining Little Simz on her December UK tour.

Alewya says on “Spirit_X”: “I know that the rave can be utilized as ritual and ceremony to transform, uplift and energize a person. I love giving visceral experiences. I love drum and bass for that specific reason. ‘Spirit_X’ encompasses all of the above in my way.”


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June 23rd, 2021

Alewya returns with her latest single “Jagna,” out today on Because London Records. The track follows her explosive 2020 debut “Sweating,” and is coupled with a new video directed by Alewya and Tom Ringsby.

“Firstly, ‘Jagna’ will never be able to be articulated in words. But I’ll try,” notes Alewya. “‘Jagna’ is polarity. ‘Jagna’ is release, ‘Jagna’ is my soul, ‘Jagna’ is my rage, ‘Jagna’ is my lesson, my desperation, frustration, my surrender, my vulnerability, my acceptance and my existence on this planet.” In addition to releasing the single, Alewya shared the stunning video that sees the artist frantically running through the desert and was filmed at the famed desert-esque beach of Dungeness in the UK.

The translation of Alewya’s name from Arabic means ‘most high’ or ‘the highest’ so it’s fitting that her music centres around the idea of transcendence. After spending four years in New York, she returned to west London where she was raised. Alewya, of Egyptian and Ethiopia descent, grew up nestled in a community rich with diaspora from around the globe. It was here she received a nourishing musical education that can be heard throughout her music.


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March 17th, 2021

Producer, singer-songwriter and visual artist Alewya teams up with multi-award winning drummer, producer and composer Moses Boyd on new track “The Code,” out today via Because London Records. As the world came to a halt, these two London-based artists came together in their hometown to collaborate and their artistic chemistry was apparent only minutes after jamming together in the studio.

Moses says on the collaboration “My favourite moments in the studio are those when the flow is seamless and doesn’t need to be explained. We made ‘The Code’ within minutes of jamming together and it was just that, seamless. I knew we would have great musical chemistry and it’s been refreshing to work with someone as open, brave and inquisitive as Alewya. I know she has so much more great music to come.”

“This track came so naturally,” Alewya adds. “Moses has a way of understanding musical language and weeding it out of you – I was truly grateful for it. The Code is essentially a song sung by the observer in me Observing the shadow of me. Captures what we as a collective and individually are going through – an intense dark night of the soul.”

Alewya is known for her single “Sweating.” Moses Boyd released his album Dark Matter which was nominated for a 2020 Mercury Prize.



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June 25th, 2020

Alewya is a UK based producer and singer with Ethiopian-Egyptian roots.

The translation of Alewya’s name from Arabic means “most high” or “the highest” so it’s fitting that her music centres around the idea of transcendence. Her music is an accessible space for her and her listeners to connect spiritually. “I want to move people to themself. I want them to feel the same way that I felt when I had a taste of a higher power and felt there was a presence over me. I want people to feel that.”

Alewya notes, “It’s about feeling chemistry with someone but also about a female who is not afraid of her prowess and power. It’s a mood.”


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