February 6th, 2022

Gracie Abrams & Alix Page


February 4, 2022

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The similarities between Alix Page & Gracie Abrams are plentiful. Both are artists in their early 20’s with black hair. They are both are part of 3 piece bands. They both wrote quarantine projects. They are both from California. If you didn’t know the bill you might have trouble recognizing the headliner.

Opener Alix Page plays acoustic guitar with drum and bass backup. She released her EP Old News this year. Her set is a collection of heartbreak. From “25” which is a recollection of the good times in a relationship to “Radiohead” which reflects that moment of understanding when it is done, Page reminds us all what that pain feels like. In some ways she is like Liza Anne who can give you the words to make you fall apart, in a song you can dance to. During Page’s set the biggest thing to notice is her wide smile. The words may be heartbreaking but the set if fun and honest. She also has a wonderful cover of “Teenage Dirtbag” which the entire audience sang to. Her latest single is “True & Honest.”

Gracie Abrams plays keyboards, and acoustic guitar with a band including a guitar and keys (same person) and drums. Abrams released This Is What It Feels Like last year. The album is full of danceable songs mixed with ballads.  Abrams’ set was also is about the loneliness of quarantine. It includes songs “21” and “The Bottom” which reflect that isolation from reality that quarantine caused. Again if you don’t listen to the lyrics the set is fun. Abrams is sincere and happy to be among people. It is only the 2nd night of the tour and she is taking photos with fans, receiving notes, jewelry and other gifts, all while on stage. There are some moments where you wonder whether the audience wants to get on stage, or Abrams wants to be in audience.

Abrams is a self-admitted introvert but her immediate connection with her audience makes it hard to see. Abrams has a full light set-up on stage which looks like it can quickly ramp up for bigger venues. Based upon tonight’s audience that won’t be long.

The audience for the show is like the artists. They are young women from high school and college. They can sing every verse and record every second. They have been traumatized in the same way as Page and Abrams and their emotions flow in every song.

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November 4th, 2021

Song of the Month – November 2021

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