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December 1st, 2022

Bailey Bryan

Today, self-proclaimed “sensitive bad bitch” Bailey Bryan releases her newest single and accompanying music video, “Tragic.”

On the inspiration behind the song, Bailey shares, “‘Tragic’ is one of the most vulnerable songs I’ve released in a minute. I wrote it about a moment when I realized my own pattern of self sabotage when it comes to love and relationships.” She continues,  “It’s about wanting something so badly but never feeling ready for it, chasing people and then pushing them away before they have the chance to leave you. My therapist called it ‘honest’ and ‘definitely something we should unpack’!”


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December 1st, 2022

Julia Wolf

Closing in on the end of the year, indie-pop newcomer Julia Wolf has released her tender, new single “Gothic Babe Tendencies” featuring platinum-certified soulful artist, blackbear.

“Gothic Babe Tendencies” shares its namesake with Julia’s forthcoming headline tour, which begins Feb. 10 in Atlanta, and will appear on her debut full-length Good Thing We Stayed set to drop via BMG on Jan. 13, 2023.

“‘Gothic Babe Tendencies’ speaks to how I feel when starting to develop feelings for someone,” Julia shares. “Finding someone you like is challenging—a rarity nowadays—so when it happens, something in me says it won’t last. It’s a gloomy mindset thinking it’s too good to be true so better to run before getting hurt. There’s a part of me that, of course, wants to believe….that wants to surrender to the sun instead of running from it. I think many of us ‘gothic babes’ have this internal battle.”

Tour Dates:

Feb. 10—Atlanta, GA—Vinyl at Center Stage

Feb. 11—Nashville, TN—The Basement East

Feb. 13—Washington, DC—Union Stage

Feb. 14—Boston, MA—Brighton Music Hall

Feb. 16—New York, NY—Bowery Ballroom

Feb. 18—Philadelphia, PA—The Foundry At The Fillmore Philadelphia

Feb. 20—Chicago, IL—Schubas Tavern

Feb. 21—Minneapolis, MN—7th Street Entry

Feb 24—Portland, OR—Holocene

Feb. 25—Seattle, WA—Barboza

Feb. 27—San Francisco, CA—Popscene @ Rickshaw Stop

Feb. 28—Santa Ana, CA—Constellation Room

Mar. 2— West Hollywood, CA—The Roxy Theatre



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November 30th, 2022

ElitaToday, rising alternative act Elita announced their debut album, Dysania, set for release on March 22, 2023. The announcement came with the release of the album’s second single “Mentally Not Here.”

The band features Elita on vocals, Tim Rypien on guitar/keyboard, and John Eddy on guitar/slide.

Speaking on the forthcoming album’s second single, Elita writes “This song is existential dread. Feeling drained by the impending doom of an apocalypse. The cursed beat and dissonant melodies put you on edge. It sounds like lo-fi hell hounds started a band and recruited a disillusioned angel to be their singer.”



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November 30th, 2022

Memphis LK

Memphis LK announces her EP Too Much Fun out Friday, 13th January 2023.

Too Much Fun

Memphis LK continues to push genre boundaries with the club-fuelled, pop anthem ‘Coffee’.

One to scream along to on the dancefloor, ‘Coffee’ captures the conflicting emotions of being in a situationship, combining silky soft vocals, with energetic, UK underground-inspired production.



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November 30th, 2022


2022 might be winding down but LA-based musician Wallice is just getting started. Today she shares her new song “Japan” via Dirty Hit (the 1975, Beabadoobee, Rina Sawayama). The song is released today alongside a music video as well as a Japanese version where Wallice sings in Japanese. Wallice is never afraid to get personal with her clever and introspective lyrics but here we see her get into deeper, emotional territory. The result is a stunning track, sure to pull on the heartstrings and remind us all about the importance of family and we need to truly treasure every moment.

Wallice explains her connection, telling us “My father was born and raised in Tokyo and lived there until he was 27, and my mother lived there for a couple years in the 90s, so Japanese culture has heavily influenced my identity. I don’t know my father’s family in Japan at all. I’ve only met them once when I was little at my grandfather’s funeral, and since then my grandmother has passed. Recently my mother moved across the country from California to Georgia which has left me without that familial sense of home. This song explores where home is and why I am so drawn to Japan.”

Wallice also shares the music video for the single. On the video, she notes “This video is really special. It is my first time back in Japan after covid, so almost four years. I absolutely love Japan- it’s my favorite place in the world. I feel like over covid and just growing up, I have lost touch with my culture. I don’t stay for weekends at my dad’s house like I did when I was little, which means I don’t actively listen to or speak Japanese anymore. I feel like I have lost a lot of my comprehension of the Japanese language, so it was nice to go back and after a few days realize a lot was coming back to me. I have family from Japan, but it’s still such a place of wonder and unknown, and I hope this video can capture Japan’s beauty and mystique.”

Wallice is also hitting the road for a string of headline shows which kicks off in Chicago on November 30th, followed by stops in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Wallice Tour

Wallice Live Dates

11/30/22 – Chicago, IL – Schubas Tavern

12/02/22 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Made

12/06/22 – Los Angeles, CA – Lodge Room

12/08/22 – San Francisco, CA – Popscene @ Rickshaw Stop


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November 30th, 2022


Today DEWEY returns with her illuminating new single ‘Trees and Telephone Lines’. Alongside the release, she shares a stunning new video.

Sharing more, DEWEY explained:

“Feeling like you don’t belong somewhere, whether that be the people you’re with or the situation you’re in. Not being able to find comfort in your surroundings; everything feels off and strange…finding a way out somehow.

Remembering how to reconnect with yourself again and finding the strength to reach out to your loved ones and friends even when it feels like everything is burning to a cinder.”



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November 29th, 2022

Mui Zyu

Today, Hong Kong British stirring dream-pop artist mui zyu (Eva Liu of indie-rock band Dama Scout) shares sprawling second single, “Rotten Bun” following the announcement of her debut LP, Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century. The record will be released February 24th, 2023 via Father/Daughter Records.

About the track Eva shares: “Rotten Bun brings us into the fantasy world where the record is set. Me, you, us, we, ‘the protagonist’ – takes in their surroundings of mouldy vegetation, witchcraft, magic and demons. The ‘rotten bun’ refers to the rotting heart of the lonesome warrior. We have to overcome these initial fiends who mock, bully, hurt by becoming strong enough whereby we are unaffected by their ‘rotten tongues’… A bit like a tutorial to a video-game where you are guided through the introduction and still have to destroy a final boss as part of your training. Lots of the metaphors in the record have been inspired by Chinese folklore in particular Pu Songlin’s ‘Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio’.”



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November 29th, 2022

Anna B Savage

London-based prolific singer/songwriter, and producer Anna B Savage returns with the announcement of her captivating upcoming LP, in|FLUX out February 17th via City Slang. With the announce comes liberating lead-single “in|FLUX” accompanied by a powerful video of Anna accepting all versions of herself.


About the track, Anna offers: ““in|FLUX” exemplifies the “flux” as I see it between two seemingly disparate parts of me; my music, my mind and my creativity. The first half is a close, vulnerable and quiet start, full of introspection, vulnerabilities and a stilted inability to express something. From there, the song unfurls in to a second half that is more certain, more vocal and expressive of self-assuredness. These feel like two states (along with everything in between, as well) that I inhabit simultaneously as dynamic and multifaceted emotional human.”



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November 29th, 2022


Setting off into a new era, metal greats DELAIN have recently returned with a new line up, impressively proving that they are stronger than any machine with their standalone single “The Quest and The Curse”. Fuelled by massive support and enthusiasm all around the globe, the multi-million streaming leading outfit now finally sets the stage for their eagerly awaited next studio album, entitled Dark Waters, out February 10, 2023 via Napalm Records.

Dark Waters

Emerging as a brand new start and safe haven alike, Dark Waters, without any doubt, continues the legacy of the brainchild of keyboardist, founder and main songwriter Martijn Westerholt and contains everything DELAIN is loved for and more: A sonic rollercoaster ride of catchy tunes with explosive elements – ranging from pop to film score-inspired to blistering room shaking metal.

The tracklist merges perfectly with the fantastic voice of new vocalist Diana Leah, showcasing her incredible talent and musical sophistication, which the brand new single “Beneath” manifests. The vocal department holds new adventures with guest singer Paolo Ribaldini, who also highlights the track as the ultimate hymn. Along with a stunning music video, “Beneath” takes the listener into a sinister underworld of the deep. Modern, synth melodies mix with catchy classical passages and ominous riffs throughout the song.

Martijn Westerholt on “Beneath”:

“’Beneath’ is a perfect ambassador of the album and DELAIN as a whole because it encapsulates almost all of the recognizable DELAIN elements you will find on the album.”



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November 28th, 2022


Thousands of years ago, at the direction of Cyrus the Great, Iran became the first cradle of human rights in the world. Yet the nation’s current rulers have the greatest animosity for human rights and freedom. Mass murder and genocide with war weapons by terrorist regime of Iran has been happening inside the country, specifically since late September 2022 after murdering #Mahsa_Amini by the government of Iran. The entire nation (inside and outside of Iran) are raising and protesting to change the current situation now, and after the violent crackdown of protesters by authorities, protest soon changed its nature to A Revolution. Women are leading this movement claiming freedom and their basic rights. Many ordinary people, young students from middle school to university, artists, journalists, athletes and etc. have been arrested and most of them have been sentenced with death penalty. Prisoners including young and minor girls are being raped inside the prison by authorities.

Iranian metal band TarantisT have been active with their social-political content and music during all these years. The band has release 6 songs since September to support the cause, the movement and their people. Their new song “Revolution” has just been released on all platforms, where the band says “This is not a protest, this is a Revolution”.

TarantisT is producing new songs on a daily/weekly basis to march towards this Revolution with all Iranians seeking freedom and liberty for their country with the main slogan of “Women, Life, Freedom”.



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November 28th, 2022

As Everything Unfolds

Heavy UK act, As Everything Unfolds, have released their new single ‘Blossom’.

Singer Charlie Rolfe comments:

“Don’t ever forget where you came from, don’t forget we’re still progressing and don’t forget there is still so much growth yet to do. This song is about the fear I had around losing what I had. I knew what I had and how much I wanted to pursue it, and how much we as a group had achieved in the last year, I couldn’t let it go to waste. Things in blossom should be allowed to grow, and I won’t stop it.”



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November 28th, 2022

Caity Baser

UK pop music’s one to watch for 2023 Caity Baser has just released her new single “Kiss You,” out now via EMI Records/Chosen Music. The 20 year old singer, songwriter and pop provocateur is equal parts loud, funny, vibrant and sensitive – all words that describe both Caity and  her music. Her popularity shot up in little over a year, thanks to her effortless knack for catchy pop melodies and her unforgettable live shows.

She shares “AAH! I can’t believe ‘Kiss You’ is finally yours! I wrote it about not being in love with someone but just having this lust to want someone so bad and just wanna kiss them! Like stop talking pls and just kiss me. I can’t wait for you to listen and love it as much as I do. LOVEU!”



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November 27th, 2022

Kit Vale

Kit Vale is the solo project of Toronto-based singer/songwriter Jen Simpson, whom you may know as the stunning voice of Canadian rockers Neon Bloom. Inspired by a diverse mix of musical tastes ranging from post-punk to hip-hop, Simpson uses Kit Vale as a project that combines elements of these influences and every genre in between. They have culminated in a melodic synthesis of sound filtered through her distinct gothic, garage-glam style.

“Pet” is Simpson’s second single under the Kit Vale moniker and was produced by the legendary Rob Sanzo. The track was co-written with bassist Robert Lechner, Simpson’s bandmate from her former group, along with Tony Sjoman and Walter Gardner, the Brooklyn-based The Never Evers. While The Never Evers thought they would never ever release the eight songs they recorded together, the powerful performance on “Pet” could no longer be contained.

“I always wanted to hear an unabashed celebration of femininity expressed in a loud, raw, and intense way,” said Simpson. “‘Pet’ is a swaggering expression of sexuality from a woman’s perspective. It flips the typical masculine rock n’ roll lyricism I grew up listening to by focusing on the woman in a way that subverts the stereotype of women as passive, chaste, or removed from their sexuality.”

The video for the Riot Grrrl-influenced “Pet” was directed by long-time friend and collaborator Ingrid J. Monday (aka Miz Monday). The video is a fun, tongue-in-cheek nod to 90s grunge aesthetic and was inspired by the famous photography scene in ‘Blow Up,’ the 1966 film by Michelangelo Antonioni.

“She’s amazing at capturing images that reflect your vision while also incorporating her signature, fashion-conscious style,” said Simpson. “As two women who used to model, we had a lot of fun flipping the gender dynamics in this video, with myself playing the lecherous photographer, while Alex Ryfka played the part of a somewhat preyed-upon male model.”



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November 27th, 2022

Liela Moss

With her new album Internal Working Model due out January 13, 2023 via Bella Union, and having previously shared the track “Vanishing Shadows” featuring Gary Numan, today Liela Moss shares her new single “Ache In The Middle” featuring Jehnny Beth.

Commenting on the track Liela says: “I was working with Johnny Hostile on extra instrumentation for this track, when he sent it back with a middle 8 vocal section written and sung by his partner Jehnny Beth. He emailed saying she loved the track and hoped I didn’t mind her spontaneous contribution? This was a real gift, some unexpected beauty. The track crystallizes my thoughts about some of my own childhood, ideas about attachment and my recent work with Children’s Social Care. Jehnny Beth must have somehow understood where I was with this personal process, because she jumped straight in with a complimentary lyrical flow.”

On the video Liela adds: “The video reflects some of my glitched and slowly fading childhood memories, and the weird, uncanny aloneness I would experience when regulating my feelings as a little kid. People, spaces and animals take on this huge symbolic value and radiate with security, when you are very young, and searching for that safety.”

Internal Working Model

#lielamoss #jehnnybeth

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November 26th, 2022

German modern metal upstarts LEAGUE OF DISTORTION have introduced an incredibly refreshing sound to the scene with the successful releases of fiery first singles “Wolf or Lamb” and “My Revenge”, proving the musical finesse and experience of lead members Anna “Ace” Brunner (Exit Eden) and Jim “Arro” Müller (Kissin’ Dynamite).

While the electrified third single “It Hurts So Good” recently added to their dangerous mood, the quartet goes all out by showing their most resilient side on final single “I’m A Bitch”, landing just before the release of their self-titled debut album this Friday, November 25 via Napalm Records.


“This song is about social prejudice and inequality. Women and men are still being treated with different measures. With this provocative topic, song and music video, we are speaking up against this injustice, wanting to persuade you to reprogram the old patterns of thinking.”


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November 26th, 2022


Australian vocal powerhouse WILSN is thrilled to announce her debut album today, Those Days Are Over, out February 3 on Ivy League Records/Universal Music Australia (Rolling Blackouts C. F., Hatchie). She also revealed a US headline tour (dates below), following her run with Allen Stone.

Those Days Are Over

A fusion of pop, soul, Motown and jazz both classic yet contemporary, WILSN’s unbelievable voice & honeyed sound on the record are showcased on single & video “Hurts So Bad” featuring Josh Teskey, lead singer of award-winning Melbourne blues-rock band The Teskey Brothers.

Built from a trumpet melody by friend & acclaimed horn player Billy Aukstik (Mark Ronson, Erykah Badu, Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley), the heart-wrenching break-up song is accompanied by a video from Triana Hernandez, where the masterful performers are in full flight. “Right before Covid hit, I toured through Europe and the UK with The Teskey Brothers,” WILSN explains. “I was already a fan before this but seeing their show every night and occasionally getting up to sing with them in their set really solidified my love for the band. Josh is one of my favourite singers in the world and I feel super lucky he’s singing with me on my debut record.”

Studying at Melbourne, Australia’s prestigious Victorian College of the Arts and playing shows there, WILSN – real name Shannon Busch – was soon noticed by international publishing juggernaut Pulse Music Group (Kehlani, Yebba) / Native Tongue (Courtney Barnett, Aldous Harding) – even going on to play the Melbourne Grand Prix. She briefly moved to Nashville to work with GRAMMY-winning writers, which helped hone her craft for this full album.

“I was at a crossroads with my songwriting,” Busch says. “Cos I have two big loves in singing. I have my kind of Alicia Keys, Sam Smith, Adele-style love for pop music. But then I also love jazz and Motown, Amy Winehouse and Aretha Franklin and that kind of music. So I was really torn – do I want to be pop or soul? On tour, I was ending my set with probably my souliest, bluesiest song and that one was really connecting with the crowd. In that moment I felt like I’d found what I was supposed to be doing and I immediately realized I needed a whole set of these songs.”

2023 US Tour Dates:

February 24 @ The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

February 25 @ Ventura Theatre – Santa Barbara, CA

February 26 @ The Independent – San Francisco, CA

March 10 @ S.O.B.’s – New York, NY

March 11 @ Middle East Downstairs – Cambridge, MA

March 12 @ Union Stage – Washington DC



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November 25th, 2022

AlienBlaze is a 20 year old mad as hell singer/songwriter and lead guitarist crafting genre-fluid anthems resulting in a fascinating hybrid of everything from dark alternative pop, grunge, and emo, to rock and electronic elements. Her dominating presence emits an angsty appeal, encouraging a sense of self-empowerment to her young audience.

Having recently signed to Sumerian Records, AlienBlaze is now unveiling a live version of her most popular single to date, “Romantically Dead”. Speaking of the single, the singer shares, “It has a gothic vibe and I was thinking of it in filmic terms, if it was a soundtrack of a movie.” Full of attitude, the song showcases reverberating basslines, raucous guitars and crashing percussion, emitting an almost otherworldly, ominous atmosphere while simultaneously delivering an energetic backdrop to AlienBlaze’s echoing vocals which illuminate the entire track.


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November 24th, 2022

Baltimore native mazie seized the world’s attention with her viral psychedelic single “dumb dumb,” which was featured on the soundtrack of Netflix’s original film Do Revenge. Since then, the song has taken off and has been streamed over 60 million times and used in over 1 million original TikTok videos in just one month.

Her new single “girls just wanna have sex” (Out November 18th) is exactly as advertised – a cheeky head-banger that sees mazie reframing female pleasure outside of the male gaze.

The production is courtesy of Grammy nominated Joe London and Platinum selling Elie Rizk, mazie’s childhood neighbor (a friendship that began at age 15 and has resulted in the pair’s move out to LA together). Elie Rizk has also worked with Bella Poarch (“Build a Bitch”), Remi Wolf (“Quiet On Set”), and Keshi (“TOUCH”). “girls just wanna have sex” is maximalist, throwing together blown-out guitars and energetic drums to create an in-your-face anthem for girls to mosh to while screaming about getting head. mazie explains, “I believe that women having sex – especially sex with other women – needs to be celebrated and destigmatized.”

The release of “girls just wanna have sex” comes with the announcement of mazie’s debut album, blotter baby, due Spring 2023.

Blotter Baby


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November 23rd, 2022

Genre-defying singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Fousheé is thrilled to unveil the music video for the Lil Uzi Vert supported track “spend the money” from her highly anticipated debut album, softCORE, out now via RCA Records.

The “spend the money” music video chronicles Fousheé throughout an evening of darkness and indulgence. The shadowy aesthetic accentuates the sultriness of the song, giving viewers a hint of mystery as to what the night has in store for her.


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November 22nd, 2022


EMELINE shares her latest single — a gloriously raw and reflective piano ballad titled, “Venting To Strangers.” Also today, the Rhode Island-born singer/songwriter premieres a stripped-back, acoustic performance of the song filmed in one take. 

Co-written by EMELINE, “Venting To Strangers” arrives on the heels of “Strut,” a daring and dance-ready track she premiered alongside an equally explosive video.  “Strut” earned raves from outlets like Ones To Watch, who hailed it as an “irresistible sex positive anthem” and proclaimed that “[o]utside of EMELINE’s undeniable talent as an artist and multi-instrumentalist, the most important thing she’s gifted the industry is her devotion to her self-liberation and her bravery in being honest about it.”



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