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March 1st, 2019


Women of the World Festival

Southbank Centre

London, UK

March 8-9, 2019
In celebration of International Women’s Day, Women of the World will hold a 2 day event looking at WHAT NOW? & WHAT NEXT?
March 8, 2019 – What Now

Guests include Annie Lennox, Julia Gillard, Gina Miller, Rizzle Kicks, Jordan Stephens, Scarlett Curtis, Maisie Williams, Rosie Jones

March 8, 2019 – What Next

Guests include Sandi Toksvig, Munroe Bergdorf, Helena Kennedy QC, Rashma Saujani, Jenny Sealey, Lily Allen

The Women Of the World Festival is also the launch of WOW Foundation.

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February 22nd, 2019
Thayer Sarrano

Photo by Alysse Gafkjen

Thayer Sarrano

The Walnut Room

Denver, CO

February 27, 2019

Thayer Sarrano is a multi-faceted artist. A visual artist, a classically trained musician, and a touring musician. Her music has a minimalist ethereal quality to it. She comes to Denver a month before the release of her 4th studio album, Wings Alleluia. The album was made in Athens, Georgia and is released by The Guildwater Group. It includes “Oh My Soul”, “These Arms”, “White Shores” and “Grace Goes On”

She is touring with Johnny Hickman. FEMMUSIC was honored to speak with her about the new album.

FEMMUSIC: What was the biggest challenge making Wings Alleluia?

TS: This was the first time that I played most parts and made a lot more arrangements for male voices, etc. That was helpful to get the vision into the sound, but it also made a lot more room for self doubt. Also I like things pretty murky, but I wanted the lyrics to be clear because they are more positive. So that was always a dance with the mixes.

FEMMUSIIC: Wings Alleluia is your 4th studio album. What lessons have you learned from your other projects?

TS: Each record I feel like I get a little closer. I learn how to communicate better, from more engineering terms and less colors, to just knowing how to better achieve what I want. I feel lucky as a session player too to be able to see so many different styles of working and dynamics in the studio.

FEMMUSIC: Tell me about your sketchbook? How does your visual art influences your music?

TS: Visual art helps me communicate the stuff I can’t say. It’s like a middle man for writing. I will have an experience or understanding from somewhere that I can paint or draw or whatever. Then at some point, I will find I am describing that image in my lyrics.

FEMMUSIC: You have a number of artists involved with the album. Tell me how the Athens music scene has influenced your music?

TS: I’m thankful for Athens because it’s a very inspiring, supportive, and “original” community. I’ve learned so much seeing bands, playing with a lot of bands there, and working at Camp Amped (teenage rock camp at Nuçi’s Space). People involved with the camp are my family, bandmates, engineers, etc. This record was fun because I got so many of the people I have sung harmony or accompanied in the past to sing with me.

FEMMUSIC: What song (not your own) has had the biggest influence on you and why?

TS: Woah… I can remember so many defining moments. It’s impossible to pick one!

I remember the first time I heard Bob Dylan’s song “Isis”… I think I was 7 or 8. It was a new feeling for me at that time. I remember just thinking “yes.”

FEMMUSIC: What challenges, if any, have you faced as a woman in the music industry? And how did you overcome them?

TS: I’ve been really lucky to work with only really good men in the studio and on tour who are secure and respectful. Every once in a while on tour, you come across somebody condescending or creepy, and you handle it case by case. Sometimes people just don’t know how to talk to people because they have their own issues, and so they can learn from you too.

FEMMUSIC: Whom would you most like to collaborate with, or tour with? Why?

TS: Neil Young, because Neil Young… tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, make a record with Daniel Lanois .

FEMMUSIC: What one thing would you like to change about the music industry

TS: I have been living and working through a difficult phase in the industry where the system devalues art and there are a lot more expectations for artists outside of making art now.  I don’t know how to change that on the big level personally, but I do believe it will change. Music is bigger, and we will keep making the work that must be born, and that is so important that I can’t let the insanity get me down.

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February 15th, 2019
The Bellrays
The Bellrays

Lost Lake

Denver, CO

February 22, 2019


The Bellrays are bringing punk back to Denver with their Preachin’ the Gospel of Punk Tour. The Bellrays are Lisa Kekaula and Robert Vennum and they’ve been playing music for over 30 years. Their first self-titled album came out in 1990. This tour comes with their new album Punk Funk Rock Soul Vol 2. The album includes tracks “Black Lightning” and “Bad Reaction.” The band just released a new video:


This Riverside, California band mixes blues, punk, gospel into a vivid experience as all live music should be. The Atom Age and Hot Apostles are opening this show. 


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February 8th, 2019


Los Angeles, CA

February 7-23, 2019

Red Bull Music takes over Los Angeles again with a series of events that celebrate everything from LA’s Punk History to Mexican Music and Robyn. Highlights include:

February 7 – San Cha – Opening night with LA based singer-songwriter San Cha, La Victoria, Yanga, and more.

February 15 – Her Smell screening – Elisabeth Moss is Becky Something in Alex Ross Perry’s new film. Perry is one of many guests due to attend

February 16 – The Decline of Western Civilization screening – The tour-de-force film about the LA punk scene will be screened with Director Penelope Spheeris in attendance

February 22 & 23 – Robyn – Swedish pop artist Robyn will be playing for 2 nights including music from her album Honey


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January 15th, 2019
Cursive at Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO
Friday January 18, 2019
Cursive has been playing for 2 decades and continues to bring new original visceral music out. Their tour is based around their 8th studio album, Vitriola, released in 2018. The album reunites Tim Kasher, guitarist/singer Ted Stevens and bassist Matt Maginn with drummer Clint Schnase, Patrick Newbery on keys and Megan Siebe on cello. Cursive runs a course that borders hard rock and indie folk with screaming vocals mixed into arrangements that engage the senses. The album evokes anger at the world with songs “Free To Be or Not To Be You and Me”, “Under the Rainbow” and “Noble Soldier/Dystopian Lament.” Their single “Life Savings” calls Capitalism into question while the video shows greed in action

Vitriola was released in 2018 on Cursive’s own label 15 Passengers and is produced Mike Mogis. The band is on a headlining tour with Summer Cannibals and Campdogzz.

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January 1st, 2019
Brandi Carlile’s Girls Just Wanna Weekend
Hard Rock Hotel, 
Rivera Maya, Mexico
January 30, 2019 – February 3, 2019
Grammy nominated artist Brandi Carlile announced this festival in the summer. It is inspired by Lilith Fair with all women headliners. Carlile has had a long tradition of going to Mexico for the winter. This time she has brought an impressive line-up:
Brandi Carlile – Nominated for 6 Grammy’s Carlile’s latest album is By the Way I Forgive You. She is a wonder and joy who is proving her dominance in the music world.
Maren Morris –  Country artist Maren Morris is known for her album Hero. She has been a rising star who is quickly going beyond “rising.”
Indigo Girls –  With 15 studio releases, and more live albums, separate projects and more…The Indigo Girls have a history of music and activism that has shaped the world.
Margo Price – Grammy Nominated as Best New Artist, Margo Price made a mark with her album Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. She blew it out of the park with All American Made.
Patty Griffin –  Grammy Award winner Patty Griffin has a large catalog of songs that speak right to the soul.
Lucius – Jess & Holly make up the sublime harmonies of Lucius. They have worked with and toured with Roger Waters and have established an enviable place.
KT Tunstall –  Tunstall released her latest album Wax this year. Tunstall is a wild rock and rock artist with quick humor and solid songs.
The Secret Sisters –  Laura & Lydia Rogers’ third album You Don’t Own Me Anymore was produced by Carlile and features this resilient group at their best.
Ruby Amanfu –  This Nashville singer-songwriter has been featured on Beyonce’s Lemonade and is known for her appearances on Nashville.

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January 1st, 2019
Globalfest 2019
The Copacabana, Times Square, New York
January 6, 2019
This annual world music festival returns with 12 artists on 3 stages including:
Amethyst Kiah – USA – Southern gothic, alt-country blues
Combo Chimbita – Columbia/ NY – Psychedelic cumbia-inflected tropical futurism
Dakh Daughters – Ukraine – Kyiv’s underground punk cabaret
Gata Preto – Mozambique/Ghana/Germany  – Afrofuturist global bass
Maggos Herrera & The Brooklyn Rider – Mexico/USA –  Innovative string quartet and lush vocals
Zouk Machine – Guadeloupe/France – The grande dame of French-Antillean zouk

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December 12th, 2018
Red Bull Music Presents United States of Bass
Cervantes Ballroom & Cervantes Other Side, Denver, CO
December 13, 2018
Two rooms with heavy bass and 9 artists from all over the nation including the three women acts of:
Souls in Action – The artist collective features artists including YaSI
UNIIQU3 –  This producer was part of the Jersey Club movement and is now a producer in her own right.
Jubilee – Jess Gentile was part of the Brooklyn based dancehall crew who won the Red Bull Culture Clash in 2016. She is the first lady of bass from Miami.

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November 16th, 2018
Larimer Lounge

Denver, Colorado

Sunday, November 18, 2018
As Lea Luna greets Denver, Colorado with her presence again, we are eager to see what she unleashes at her upcoming event at the Larimer Lounge, November 18, 2018. Luna has been an admit member of the EDM music scene since 2009, and gained a steady following. She has previously performed at venues like The Marque, Vegas, Beta Nightclub, Denver, and the Avaion, Las Vegas.

Her fierce, “bad-girl” composition is intriguing at best. Working beside Sleeping Giant Music, Lea Luna has intrigued her audience with bass-filled dance music that does just that… Makes you want to dance. A strict, not too be messed with attitude, and a progressive house sound is the lime and coconut duo of a Lea Luna performance.

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October 25th, 2018


Denver, CO
October 31- November 11, 2018
The Denver Film Festival is 41 and bigger than ever. Film programs include CinemaQ, Women + Film, Focus on National Cinema: Hungary, Italian Showcase, Stain Brakhage Vision Award, Panels on journalism, and Denver’s soon to be art event Meow Wolf (there’s a documentary too). The Festival is filled with events from the Red Carpet to the smallest screen, and virtual reality. Here are some of our picks to see:
Netizens –  A documentary focusing on 3 women whose lives have been changed by online harassment including Anita Sarkeesian and Gamergate
A Private War –  Rosamund Pike takes on the life and death of Marie Colvin a journalist killed in Syria in 2012.
Rafiki –  This LBGQT film was banned in its native Kenya. A bold look at a lesbian relation based upon the book Jambula Tree
This Changes Everything – Tom Donahue & Geena Davis (Producer) bring together the biggest names in entertainment including Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, Sandra Oh, Tiffany Haddish, Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett, and Reese Witherspoon to talk about gender discrimination and the solutions post #metoo –
Vox Lux – Looking at the 18-year trials and tribulations of fictional rock star Celeste (Natalie Portman) and featuring music by SIA. This Red Carpet presentation will include director Brady Corbet.

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October 16th, 2018
Jess Abbott
Globe Hall
Denver, CO
October 31, 2018
Tancred came to our attention with the track “Queen of New York”

The video and the lyrics drew us in like a bee to honey. Nightstand is Tancred’s sophomore album and it has a musical maturity that stands out. Produced by Lewis Pesacov, the album had ups and downs before production. Jess Abbott, formerly of Now, Now, is the voice of Tancred. FEMMUSIC was honored to speak with her about the album. For info visit
FEMMUSIC:  What was the biggest challenge making Nightstand?
JA: Picking which songs to release as singles was so tricky because the album contains a few different themes, and I was concerned releasing certain singles might give the wrong impression of the album overall. Honestly sometimes I still lie awake at night wondering if we picked the right ones.
FEMMUSIC:   I understand you had the songs chosen before going to the studio. How did you go about your song choice? What else did you do for pre-production?
JA: I spent about a year writing songs for this album and I went through so many revisions within in each song, and ultimately scrapped half the album and started over. I guess what ultimately decided the songs was the theme of vulnerability. It cut a lot of more aggressive songs I had written before settling on that theme. We had a few days of preproduction before we started tracking where in the studio we played through the songs and discussed them all.
FEMMUSIC: Tell me about Lewis Pesacov. How did you meet? Why did you choose him to be producer for the album? How was he to work with?
JA: Lewis and I were set up to cowrite together but we hit it off so well that we decided to have him produce the whole thing. He felt so open to my creative direction and aesthetic ideas it made working together so easy. But he also challenged me where I needed to be challenged in the studio. It was a great balance.  
Tancred album cover
FEMMUSIC: Tell me about some of your backing musicians. I noticed the names Samira Winter & Jenny Owen Youngs. You’re doing more instrumentation with the album. How did you choose these artists? How was the studio experience?
JA:  Kevin Medina and Terrence Vitali recorded bass and drums on Nightstand and on my previous album, Out Of the Garden. Samira is a mutual friend of Lewis and I (I was also subletting her apartment while I was tracking Nightstand) and we thought it would be fun to have her do some vocals on the album. Her band Winter is incredible. Jenny and I had been friends for awhile and we’d collaborated around that time on some of her work, so while I was in LA in her neck of the woods I asked her to come sing on something of mine. I carried around a disposable camera the whole trip and I have some great photos of them singing in the studio. Working with friends is so fun.
FEMMUSIC:  Can you describe your songwriting technique?
JA: I basically just pick up a guitar and lie around humming things until I find things I like. Or if I’m out in the world and an idea pops into my head I’ll write it out in a note on my phone or record a voice memo for later. Once I have the basic outline for a song done I’ll record each track in a demo and layer on programmed drums and bass and strings so I have an image of my vision for the song to take into the studio.
FEMMUSIC:  What song (not your own) has had the biggest influence on you and why?
JA: “Demon Rock” by Letters to Cleo shook my world. I’d already dreamed of playing music professionally almost my whole life but listening to that album (Demon Rock is track one) was the first time it felt like it was something I could make real. I connected to the guitar lines, the vocals, the lyrics. I remember lying down in bed and listening to it on repeat all night. I couldn’t sleep.
FEMMUSIIC:  As a woman in the music industry have you been discriminated against?
JA:  Yeah, of course. But I think communicating calmly about things that make me uncomfortable and having some understanding for the context of the moment are tools that have helped me ensure I’m working in a comfortable environment. It took me awhile to not get so mad about it. It’s fair to be mad, shit sucks. But I think it’s detrimental to not leave room for some understanding in any situation.
FEMMUSIC:  Whom would you most like to collaborate with, or tour with? Why?
JA: I have been deathly into Chelsea Wolfe’s new album Hiss Spun since it came out. Her live show is so sick, her Audio Tree was sick, her tones are sick, her Instagram is sick. I dream of a CW collab or tour.
FEMMUSIC:  What one thing would you like to change about the music industry?
JA: The cost of making records (recording, distribution, PR, management, booking) hasn’t gone down but record sales have, so it becomes incredibly difficult to be an artist making everything yet with little coming back financially to support it all. It’s like inflation isn’t accounted for. Making music isn’t about money, but music, like anything, takes time and work. You still gotta eat and pay rent. And then you have people who think it’s ethically wrong to want to profit off your art.. It becomes a snake eating its own tail. At my career peaks I was still scraping by. The infrastructure of the music industry is broken. Short answer: I wish there was enough left of the pie for artists, the people actually creating the music, to support themselves comfortably.


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September 10th, 2018
Your Smith
Your Smith
Gothic Theatre
Englewood, CO
October 15, 2018
Your Smith transitions from her headlining tour to opening to Rhye, before she opens for the Violent Femmes for October and November. Your Smith recently released her debut, Bad Habit EP that included singles “The Spot” and “Bad Habit.” She is signed to Neon Gold Records, home to Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens. The EP features collaborations with Tommy English, Stint, Nick Davey and more. FEMMUSIC featured “The Spot” in June at:

Your Smith mixes lyric driven rock with an old school sound that recalls Dusty Springfield meets Sheryl Crow. 
After touring with Baum and Rhye she will join the Violent Femmes for the following dates:
Fri 10.26 – Millvale, PA @ Mr. Small’s Theatre
Sun 10.28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
Tue 10.30 – Boston, MA @ Royale
Wed 10.31 – Montreal, QC @ MTELUS
Fri 11.2 – Toronto, ON @ The Queen Elizabeth
Sat 11.3 – Detroit, MI @ The Majestic Theatre
Sun 11.4 – Chicago, IL @ Vic Theatre
Complete tour dates can be found at

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September 1st, 2018
6 Artists to See at Venusfest
Mod Club, Opera House
Toronto, ON
September 20-22, 2018
This Canadian Music Festival celebrates feminism in the arts. This 3 day festival includes music performances and a range of artists.
Zola Jesus – Zola Jesus is an electronics driven ethereal artist. Her latest album is Okovi.
Bully – Alicia Bognanna fronts this electric 3 piece rock band. Their latest album is Losing
Moor Mother – Describing Moor Mother is a challenge. She is an activist, poet, singer songwriter, hip-hop artist, producer and more. She has a visceral tone to her music that challenges as much as it entertains. Her latest album is Crime Waves.
Partner – Josee Caron & Lucy Niles make up this indie rock group. Their debut album is In Search of Lost Time.
TiKa – TiKa is an activist, advocate and TV personality. Her latest single is “Debt.”
Vallens – This Alberta 4 piece has had the wind at their backs as they have climbed in the music industry. Their latest EP is Dimmed In My Display.

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September 1st, 2018
Grandoozy8 Artists to See at The Inaugural Grandoozy
Overland Park
Denver, CO
September 14-16, 2018
From the co-creators of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands comes Colorado’s next great concert experience. This 3 day festival includes names like Kendrick Lamar & Stevie Wonder. It has 5 stages (6 when you include the Bud Light Dive Bar), which include everything from national headliners to dj’s and dance music. There are events featuring culinary ambassadors at the Detour Denver, craft beers at Arts & Crafts, distillers, spirits and cocktails at The Flight School, and panels and a marketplace dealing with Colorado’s outdoor experience at The Backyard.
Bishop Briggs (Scissors Stage, Friday)  –  Bishop Briggs has exploded from her beginnings in 2015 to her debut album Church of Scars. Her latest single is “Baby.”
Cherry Glazerr (Scissors Stage, Saturday) – Clementine Creevy is out of control in this rock band. Apocalipstick is their latest album.
Florence + the Machine (Rock Stage, Saturday) –  From day one Florence Welch has been a dynamo. Her latest album is High As Hope. Florence controls the stage and the audience. Don’t miss this set.
Jade Bird (Scissors Stage, Friday) –  This London artist has been sweeping the US this year. In 2017 she released Something American. Her latest single is “Uh Huh.”
Kelela (Paper Stage, Sunday)  – Kelela’s 2017 album Take Me Apart featured singles “LMK”, and “Blue Light.” She has been headlining shows since then.
Mavis Staples (Rock Stage, Sunday) – Mavis Staples is making more news now than ever before. Her latest album is If All I Was Was Black. Staples has been honored by the Kennedy Center and has been inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. Staples has toured with Bob Dylan. She is a living legend and a force to be reckoned with.
Snow Tha Product (Rock Stage, Saturday) – This California hip-hop artist has been headlining for years and has established herself. She released her full album in 2011, and an EP in 2016. She has been releasing mixtapes since. Her latest single is “Myself.”
St Vincent (Scissors Stage, Sunday) – Annie Clark is an extraordinary guitarist and singer-songwriter. She has worked with David Bryne and released 5 studio albums including Masseduction. Her singles include “New York”, and “Los Angeles.”

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August 30th, 2018
Loud Women Fest 
8 Artists to See at  The 3rd Annual Loud Women Fest 
The Dome, Tufnell Park, Boston Music Room
London, UK
September 15, 2018 
Zand – Zand is pop rock with an “in your face” realism as evidenced by their video for “Boy Like U” –
Sister Ghost – Shannon Delores O’Neill leads this 4 piece band which can be hard punk to lyrical songwriting.
The Franklys – This 4 piece is more mainstream akin to The Pretenders meet The Strokes.
The Menstrual Cramps – This 4 piece punk band is in your face with their debut album We’re Not Ovaryacting. We first heard of them last year and are waiting for the world tour.
Grace Savage – Grace Savage released Control Freak, a follow up to her popular Savage Grace EP.. She is one of the hottest new artists emerging today. See FEMMUSIC’s interview with her.
Wolf Girl – This London 4 piece released a 7″ in 2017 featuring “Moody.” This pop band is prolific in releasing material steadily since 2014.
Pussyliquor – PussyLiquor – PussyLiquor is a 5 piece rap & punk band from Brighton. They are led by the vocals of Ari Black. See our interview with them at
Ms. Mohammed – We previewed Ms Mohammed last year as part of the Matchwomen’s Festival – Ms Mohammed is another facet of Dana Jade. A reaction to the anti-Islamist Brexitreactionaries she strikes out with an anthem called “Alibi.”

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August 10th, 2018
Sister Winds festival
Ft. Collins, CO
August 26, 2018
This celebration of women in music features 2 stages and events from workshops on belly dancing and yoga to fire dancers and a kids village. Artists playing include Ayla Nereo, Nina Storey, Bonnie & Bridget from Elephant Revival, Qbala, Ley Line, Whippoorwill, Las Curanderas, and more. For info visit

Ayla Nereo


Ayla Nereo

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