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February 1st, 2014


Welcome to the first FEMMUSIC blog. My goal here is simple: A few more words to help out. I plan to begin each blog with a word that is the subject. Hopefully in the midst of the rant you will get some wisdom from these old bones.
Are you a musician? Do you want to venture into the insanity that is the music business? You’re parents probably warned you not to, but here you are. The first lesson is important. If you want to be in this business you must develop relationships.
If you want to be in a band, you must develop a working relationship. If you want to play at a club, you must develop a relationship with the venue. If you want to be a rockstar, you’d better develop a lot of lasting relationships.
Working relationships are just that: a relationship just for the purpose of working. You may be congenial, excited, but always professional. Working relationships sometimes are friendships, but not always. We all are faced with working with people we don’t always get along with. You may need to do it to get to the next bigger gig.
If you’re lucky, you can develop real friendships in this business. Value and cultivate them. They will keep you going through the hard stuff. Everything you do in music is based upon relationships, good and bad. You can burn bridges, but it is better to leave some standing. You will be surprised where people end up.
Was that vague enough for you? I hope you distilled something out of that. More to come.   

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