Maraschino – Hollywood Piano


Today Maraschino, the project of Piper Durabo, announces Hollywood Piano, the debut LP, due on March 3, 2023 on their own Kiss Cafe label and shares the music video for “Hi Desire.”

“The ‘Hi Desire’ video is inspired by one of my favorite movies, ‘Jubilee’ by Derek Jarman. Without giving too much away I’ll say it involves Queen Elizabeth I, her astrologer John Dee & an angel time-traveling to 1970s post-apocalyptic ‘punk’ Britain. It’s an exciting blaze of trash, glitter and mysticism. I love it so much. My character in the video ‘Maraschino Antoinette’ is a similarly anachronistic symbol of extravagant love in a time of total romantic nihilism— apps have flattened the dating experience in many ways & a lot of us are too caught up in survival mode to get mixed up in anything too deep. She spends the video oscillating between wandering the streets of DTLA aimlessly searching for her lover and calling them into her dream zone.”

-Piper Durabo

Hollywood Piano


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