Ela Ozturk – Roots

Ela Ozturk

Soulful pop artist Ela Ozturk has just released her new poetic single “Roots.” This stripped-back and truthful song is full of unique instrumentation and passionate vocals that will strike the hearts of listeners while encouraging them to be their authentic selves.

“‘Roots’ focuses on rebuilding yourself after someone has broken your connection with who you are,” says Ela Ozturk on the deeper meaning of the song. Her inspiring message influences the audience to take control of their lives and build the person they want to be after losing their way. “The lyrics describe a comeback story,” explains Ozturk. Lyrics such as, “I’m coming back to my roots, the me before you, the calm before your storm, the light before your darkness. I’m returning, I’m returning, back to my roots, I’m coming back, I’m coming back, I’m coming back.” Ozturk describes the adventure of finding yourself after trials and tribulations. Combining powerful vocals with lively instrumentation, Ozturk has made a perfect track to help shine light after dark times and rejoice in the feeling of falling back into your own person after feeling lost. “Roots” was written by Ela Ozturk and produced and mixed by Morgan Clae Sanker and Tommy Sanker.


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