Sugar Nova – Gospel Hour (2 AM)

Sugar Nova

Sugar Nova, the new collaboration between Luke Miller (from the band Lotus) and singer Rachel Eisenstat, will release their second single  “Gospel Hour (2 AM)” from their upcoming full-length debut on November 11th. It follows their first single “Send Me Higher.”

“This song went through many different iterations and style changes. When I finally landed on this groove, it felt like a unique style I had never totally heard before. I love the relaxed yet playful singing style that Rachel did over the beat. I took a piece of her vocals and chopped it up to create the opening section.” – Luke Miller 

“‘Gospel Hour (2AM)’ started as a titled instrumental track that Luke wrote, and it kicked off our songwriting together. Working from the title, the lyrics pay tribute to cultivating spirituality and community through dance. Luke’s production on this track created an image in my mind that made me want to sing each syllable like it was landing softly on a pillowy cloud.” – Rachel Eisenstat 


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