What A Month! 

First let me apologize for the latest of the November issue. I had a couple of rough weekends and wasn’t able to make it. October was our busiest month all year and there were a ton of good shows. We’re winding down to the end of the year and next month will be our Best of 2022. If you have suggestions send them my way. 
In October we saw many of our favorite acts including Upsahl, L7, Mamalarky and more. We were also happy to finally see 2 acts that have been on our radar for a long time. One is King Princess. This New York artist once again came to Denver as a headline act and blew us away. While most acts complain about the lack of air here, King Princess ran us ragged and was still playing even as we headed for the doors. 
The other act that has been on our radar is Siiickbrain. We first discovered her because of the work she’s done with Maggie Lindemann. She is a former model and exerts a spectacular strength of stage. She was an opening act for Bring Me The Horizon. We’re really hoping she will tour more for 2023. 
The slowdown begins in December. No more touring acts. We may be late with the December issue since we have a trip coming up. If you’re breathing, see live music. 
Alex Teitz

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