Darcy Nelson – Bad

“Bad, is an experimental acoustic track written for a short film about two badass bounty hunter women in a saloon scene. The single is saturated with experimental, ominous, and sultry vibes with vocals carrying a country twist.

I wrote it for the short film: Outlawz, written, directed and starring Telly Award winning production coordinator A’Noelle Jackson (Outlawz is a project is centered around two black female bounty hunters/hit women with a reputation to be feared. The film takes place in Dusty’s Hideaway, a western saloon in our hometown: Tacoma, Washington.

A’Noelle and I often refer to one another as “dream sisters,” because after meeting in a college club and volunteering to repair homes in New Orlean’s Ninth Ward following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we found ourselves sitting on my living room floor sharing our dreams for the future that we held close to our hearts. A’Noelle dreamt of moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television, while I dreamt of starting a new life chapter in Colorado uncertain what that journey would hold for me. Now four years later, both realizing our dreams, we’ve found a way to collaborate between our industries — me creating an original song to accompany the soundtrack of her debut short film, and she giving me my first film placement for an original song.

A’Noelle wrote the script for Outlawz in order to give herself the opportunity to play a complex female character who was empowered, sexy, and bad ass all at once. I’m excited to have a way to connect and support her debut project.


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