Occam’s Rose – Losing Sleep

Occam's Rose

Occam’s Rose is the amalgam of the unique music performance experiences, composition styles, and instrumentation of Anastasia Rose and Peter H. Each are professional musicians, educators, and composers whose versatility allows them to write for and perform in virtually all settings from a small coffee shop to large concert halls to private events such as weddings and parties. Their style is alternative with a classical spin.

Occam’s Rose writes music with a story. Today they release “Losing Sleep” a journey that is part fairytale and part horror. 

The video was directed by Mark Swan, and here is what he had to say about it: “Losing Sleep was one of the most intense projects I have worked on to date. As the Covid years started to wind down, production for the video went through a series of changes, rewrites, reimaginings, and clever brainstorms to make work through a new era of art creation. Anastasia, Peter, and Occam’s Rose were ever-patient and a delight to work with. I think the final result is something that will  mystify, and maybe even terrify viewers.”

Anastasia Rose on “Losing Sleep” : “Losing Sleep, both as a musical work and a visual one, elucidates insomnia and rumination in dream (or nightmare)-like composition. It explores the experience of rumination-induced insomnia in lyrical, musical, and visual form. The duo employs unique instrumentation including djembe, concert French horn, and classical guitar which add to the ethereal dreamlike soundscape that shifts to a more insidious nightmarish aesthetic utilizing clock ticking sounds to emulate the passing of time without the relief of restful slumber.”


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