Turpentine Babycino – Write A Song Sounds Sh*t

Turpentine Babycino

It’s normal to wallow at home and feel heartbroken post break-up, though the partying phase is always around the corner waiting. Getting lit with your friends, playing music and moving forward fast and loud is how Turpentine Babycino’s ‘Write A Song Sounds Shit’ came to be.

When insecurities are heightened post-break-up, it can be easy to dismiss yourself when wrapped up in your own self-doubt and judgment, but forging forward with stubborn resilience can often form the greatest outcomes (and even a great song).

“Write A Song Sounds Shit’ is about the aftermath of a break-up. Big parties, loud music, long nights and writing shitty break-up songs are often on the cards to help ‘forget’ about an ex. As a song-writer it’s easy to dismiss a great song due to self doubt and judgment and after a break-up, these insecurities are heightened. ‘Write A Song Sounds Shit’ is that shitty break-up song that nobody’s supposed to hear, except people will this time.” Turpentine Babycino

“The vocalist and drummer make most of the music together including the track ‘Write A Song Sounds Shit’ which stemmed from a riff. The melody and lyrical ideas stemmed from past break-up experiences and the song flowed naturally as if it was meant to be.” Turpentine Babycino



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