Colorado Musicians – Who’s NOT Playing Underground Music Showcase – The Shipping Company, Meli Tierra, Racyne Parker, Lauren Brombert

This  weekend is bringing 150 + musicians to play The Underground Music Showcase. It is a festival dominated by Colorado musicians of all calibers. FEMMUSIC wanted to show some of the new faces that AREN’T playing UMS.

The Shipping Company

The Shipping Company is the lovechild of Blues guitarist Luke Fischer and non-binary indie songwriter and bass guitarist LM Fischer.

In the new single from The Shipping Company LM Fischer’s haunting but hopeful lyrics and Luke William’s acoustic strings are perfectly balanced to produce a deeply moving ballad. “Home song” is a nod to The Shipping Company’s EP The Cedar House Sessions.

The band is getting ready to release their next EP Wherever You Are


Racyne Parker

Racyne Parker is originally from a ranch in Oregon. We had the please of catching her live this week. She brings style, wit and skilled songwriting in a great package. Her album Tumbleweed Town is on sale at her website. 

#Racyne Parker

Meli Tierra 

Local Denver musician Meli Tierra spent 13 hours biking and filming a video with Thomas Wilcox for the song “Pens and Ink.” The song is the first single off of her debut album: Lessons in Letting Go, produced by John Baldwin and Paper Satellite Productions.

In an era where technology often gets in the way of genuine conversation and distracts people from creative pursuits, “Pens and Ink” was written on Earth Day and inspired by the frustration surrounding human connection and physical and emotional barriers.  The video explores the melancholy lyrics with a note of hopefulness at the end when Meli interrupts a group of friends who are walking while looking down at their phones, unaware of their surroundings and her presence. The video’s lighting and pace mimic the emotions behind the song and Wilcox planned the narrative of the video to correspond with the blues/soul music’s trumpet solos by John Baldwin and singing by Meli. Thomas Wilcox risked his life to film the video while precariously sitting in the back of second video shooter Jose Gallegos’ hatchback while Meli cycled around Denver on a vintage Rollfast. Meli repaired and revamped the vintage bicycle. In the video, the bicycle takes Meli on a journey to dispose of the lyrics and ideas that no longer serve her.


Lauren Brombert

Lauren Brombert is a Colorado songwriter via Chicago. We’ve known her years through NSAI and the Durango Songwriters Expo. She just released “Who Am I.” 

Fun and full of attitude, “Who I Am” is a celebration of being free, owning one’s unique fabulousness, and living life by one’s own rules. It goes live EVERYWHERE


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