Hien – Family

Following up on last year’s EP BLOOM, electronic pop artist Hien shares a music video for her track “Family.” BLOOM captures Hien’s creative journey of rebuilding her identity as an artist and navigating life as a millenial Vietnamese immigrant, who moved from Hungary to the US for a new beginning.

The music video for “Family” introduces the Vietnamese Hungarian community, pays homage to their heritage, and extends the concept of the family beyond the sense in which the term is used traditionally.

“The scenes were inspired by my childhood memories from the ‘90s in Budapest,” Hien shares. “The events that brought our family (and our community) together on a regular basis. Extended families in our community were not made of our blood relatives, but the families of our parents’ friends, who they immigrated together with from Vietnam to Hungary with hopes for a better life. I think out of all the stories of immigrant communities, the historic immigration of Vietnamese to Hungary after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1980s has not really been talked about globally. I’m happy that I can share a small piece of our stories from a very personal perspective.”


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